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Here, I have linked all the lurkers for Strange Aeons that I have shown on the blog in past. To keep it simple for Strange Aeons players, I have organized them alphabetically as they are named in-game.

If you are interested in particular lurker, click the name and you will be taken to the post I've shown it in.

Where there are two names, the first name will be that of a lurker in the books. Second name is name of my lurker. For example, many sorts of flying (or even just hoovering) monstrosities could be used as a "winged nightmare" could also be a simple giant eagle or a dragon! I have decided to go with Shantak miniature for my profile, so that is stated next to the name.

Ancient Warrior
Avatar of Yog-Sothoth - Dunwich Horror
Blasphemous Construct  
Cave men - all kinds
Daemonic Hound - Hound of Tindalos
Fishman - Deep Ones (not to be confused with bigger, Deep one lurker profile)
Formless Thing
Henchman - As with Rogue Threshold agents, any human could fit in here
Hybrid - Deep One Hybrids
Ghoul (also Ghoul King)
Mad Scientist - Herbert West, Reanimator
Pterodactyl - Argentavis magnificens
Restless Spirit
Rogue Threshold Agent / Character - All of Threshold agents could be used for those lurkers
Sabretooth Cat
Scrawny One
Servitor of the Outer Gods
Shambler - Dimensional Shambler
Swarms - Snake Swarms
T-Rex - Megatherium
Triceratops - Woollly Rhinoceros
Winged Nightmare - Shantak
Zombie - Reanimated

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