31 Mar 2013

Meet a Banshee!

Before I start, I'd like to wish everyone that has it a happy holiday! Either you celebrate it for what it is or so that you can dye some eggs or just stay home and work on your hobby projects!

So...what is a banshee? She's a ghost and a screamer. Not the pleasant one, I am afraid. We're talking about a haunted soul, horribly trying to make life for other as desperate as possible! In game of Strange Aeons, Banshee can unleash a devilish scream, driving people so mad, they try to end their own lives!

Mine is a converted Mantic zombie, simply painted white and washed green.

Thanks for looking,


  1. That's a very effective conversion, Mathyoo, and I do like your paint scheme.

  2. Thats a cool conversion mate, nice job and Happy Easter to buddy.

  3. Nice conversion mate, definately looks the part

  4. very nice mate she looks the Part.

  5. Cheers guys, was quite fun recycling those zombies!