25 Mar 2013

The Assault Group Tudor kickstarter!


a bit late, but as I feel I will owe one to Peter from The Assault Group for life, I'd like to give you heads up on his Kickstarter project.

It is a project to fund Tudor range (check the awesome Henry! :D), but as I wouldn't expect many of my followers to be interested in this period, there is also an option to pledge and get anything from their existing range (details here)

It is a historical company, but there are plenty useful miniatures for zombie wargaming. Check their modern ranges for SWAT, modern armies and somalis, mafia and african miniatures for your regular survivors.

You can click here:

and see my TAG related posts. If you scroll down you will see an african with an SMG. He was converted into our own Lord Siwoc from Brains and Guts. I'd seek out a pic he has posted for you, but as he hasn't have a calendar (fix that mate!), it is a black abyss!

So, hopefully that has helped some of the kickstarter enthusiasts find new miniatures!

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  1. I had noticed this kickstarter as well, and while I do like historical games and settings, I am trying to restrict my outgoings at the moment. So this is badly timed for me, but I would be interested otherwise.