24 Mar 2013

Jungle terrain


one day I was shopping for groceries and found this cheapish hot glue gun and just had to buy it. I've finally been able to use all the aquarium plants I was hoarding for some months now.

I went with mesoamerican look, not strictly aztec and anything. So they could fit in any historical or fantasy setting. I went with mostly snake motives, for serpentmen and such games.

Below is all that I've made, most of it (except for 3 or so smaller items) was made in one go. I've had the ball rolling when I got the idea for that snake monolith with wooden superstructure. Now, keep in mind they all need more foliage and static grass to call them done.

 Below you can see a stone with half carved snake (not seen to good), a tomb (checked "pyramid") and a random base of left overs used as a bamboo-like plant.
 The tomb up close
 Snake-faced warning sign:
On second picture, you can see more leftovers used usefully.
 A pond - WIP. Probably won't be finished anytime soon, hehe
 Sacrificial monument. small stone infront of the agent is a place where victims are held over when their head/heart gets cut off/rip out. All in sight of great god (the standing monolith)
 Big face something:
 Jungle plants:

 Giant snake statue. Looks like an expedition has built a working stage next to it for easier exploration. The ladders are missing. I was thinking of playing it with special rules - as it grants great vision for snipers, the wood is old.  When a man climbs on it, a die is cast - on 1 the rotten wood collapses and a man falls down to the ground.

 A close up on glyphs. Main image is that of a giant snake eating a man. Can't really make it out? Below is a reference art, hopefully you can make out the snake and the body now!
 A Cthulhu head on other side:

Other than that, I've got many lurkers painted that I will show in separate posts for sake of established pattern. I will probably post more often to pump them all out by end of the month. I've also repainted my Dunwich horror. You can see new and old pictures at its original post, HERE.

Thanks for looking,



  1. They look good mate I think one or two could do with a bit more foilage adding to them.

  2. Great bits of scenery Mathyoo

  3. Outstanding scenry, must have taken you ages.

  4. Great stuff Mathyoo,
    It's really building into a great set! Think I'll have to get me some aquarium plants!

  5. Thanks guys! :)

    Brummie, I had to leave some off to allow place for miniatures and I plan to add some clump foliage and "vines" or something, whatever I will get my hands on. I am leaving static grass until I will gather big pile enough because I always manage to make a mess with it :P

    As for taking ages...not really. I did it while watching things, so I can't say how long took me, but I'd say two days perhaps...I do have a lot of available time though.

  6. Great looking terrain, I really like all the carving detail. I'll have to try it myself.