21 Feb 2013

Meet the Dunwich horror!

My very own air-drying clay sculpt of Dunwich horror was inspired by, surprise surprise "Dunwich horror" tale, written by Lovecraft. It is a cosmic beast that lives in the Whateley farm I've shown you few posts back. As you could see, the farm had no inner walls...those had to be demolished to give the beast enough space to live! Also, you could see a wooden ram leading to 2nd story. This was to lead the cattle upstairs to feed the beast, when it was small enough to "only" fill one story.

I have painted it green, which appears to be wrong choice, but I didn't want to have yet another skin-tonned monster in my collection. I have painted it bulgy eyes as I was just painint fishmen's eyes (will be shown in next post!). That tentacle tongue is my add-on, figured there is never too many tentacles! All together it is a bit of a rush job, could be done better and it might as well be done worse. I had some problems with the size, as it should be "bigger'n  a barn", but I figured that shows that just as good. I must say my eyes hurt every time I see those big bulgy eyes...MONSTROSITY!

In game, I planned to use it as a "godling" which is their designation for Cthulhu, until I get reaper bones' plastic cthulhu (I've made a deal with someone to get it for me and I hope the deal still stands!). As Shocking tales 3 supplement book for Strange Aeons includes rules for "real" Dunwich horror, I can use it there, too!

UPDATE: More I looked at it, more I disliked the green, so I've repainted it in grays. I've added new pictures below the original so you can see the difference.

Thanks for looking,


  1. Its cool mate, Like the size of it. It gives the impression of brooding below ground. Perhaps try washing it with a brown or something to dirty it up a little if your not happy with green.

  2. That is a weird (but cool!) monster. It's awesome! I for one would not like to be near it when it's hungry... it does eat humans yeah?? I like the green, but if you are not 100% happy with it you could always brown it up a little, like Simon said.

  3. Thanks guys! I think I'll let it be as it is for now...I am afraid it might get worse, heh.