27 Feb 2013

Meet the hybrids

In Lovecraft's story, Shadow over Innsmouth, Deep ones (that I've shown in my last post) eventually made an agreement with people of Innsmouth, for an abundance of fish and jewelry, they have demanded human worship, and later, mating. Offspring from those mixed couples were born as humans and eventually transformed into full scale Deep ones. At that time, they went to live their immortal lives under the sea.

Those miniatures represent three elderly representatives of this peculiar mixture. Miniatures are from Black Cat bases and are amazing. I have painted them with patches of human flesh and deep one tones.

Black Cat bases have quite a variety of hybrids and I would buy all of them, they're honestly all that nice. In the end, I've settled for those three because of the weapons they carry.

 On the left, we got a guy armed with a pistol. His transformation seems to go really fast, as he has lost his ears (only  has little holes remaining, not outer structure), both his eyes are "fishy". I have painted his hands normal, but would prefer some kind of a mixture in paint. Also, lower part of his mouth would perhaps look better with white (as Deep ones' bellies), but I thought it would look like a beard in the end.

Guy in the middle has nice 18th century beard that you can't see all that good. I've painted his scally hand green and other normally. He has both eyes fishy, but I've painted his face patchy, to represent unfinished transformation.

Third guy seems really old and can't even stand up normally anymore. He, compared to previous two, is the least transformed. As you can see, he only has one "fishy" eye, other still normal.

I must say again, I really like the idea of hybrids, the miniatures and painting them. Not that they're anything special rules-wise, but they're just so...sickly, weirdly, interesting in a way. Repulsive. True creatures of horror!

Oh, I might hijack this nice short post to brag a little, as my Salute ticket has arrived. The good thing is, I actually have it, the bad - I am prepared for 2 months of worries that I might forget, or lost it somewhere!

Thanks for looking,
got more Strange Aeons stuff to show in next posts as I am trying to paint all I have in one big swing!



  1. Nasty Sushi! Yuck! but they look the part. Nice one. Great work.

  2. Nice work mate, they are very nice mini's look forward to seeing them in some batrep's. Two months will soon be here!

  3. Nicely done Mathyoo! Have you used dip on them?

  4. Very weird looking miniatures. You've painted them quite nicely though.

  5. They are weird, but i mean that in a good way.

    I'd recommend keeping your Salute ticket next to your passport and if you have a passport holder, keep it in there.

  6. Thanks guys!

    As for the dip, nope...they're so shiny because my matt varnish isn't as matt as I'd want it to be. The 17mm bottle was great, but this bigger one isn't. Perhaps I should dillute it and give it two coats instead of one thick :/

    Will do Bryan, I am paranoid about my passport all the time anyways, what's to lose? :P

  7. The deep ones look good Mathyoo.

  8. Nice mini's. They'd work pretty well in a PA setting I'm thinking.

  9. Thanks!

    As for miniatures, check the mat black cat bases, they even got one with M60 machine gun :D