6 Feb 2013

Whatley's farm

 I've painted ol'Whateley's farm now. It is a bit of a rush job. It is empty, and I will eventually put some crates and furniture in to make it a farm, autopsy table to make it Herbert West's lab or still because spirits has to be where cultists get their money from in times of prohibition!


  1. Mathyoo that looks really great mate, love the boarded up windows this has to be your best building so far.

  2. Great job!
    I love your scenery ;)

  3. Excellent work. What did you make the main wall frame of?

  4. Thanks guys! Has to be my best, its my latest! :P I am not satisfied with 1st floor doors, should be more visible that it used to be a window that got cracked :)

    Irqan, its just foam board, but then covered with mix of PVA and sand...got my roof wrapped again :(

  5. Great looking building Mathyoo, I've had the same problem with a foam roof on my latest building too.

  6. That's a creepy looking building, Mathyoo, and I mean that in a good way! I like your ideas for your furniture choices.

  7. Thanks guys!
    I think of using plasticard for the roofs from now on, or not even using them...they honestly pose no actual gaming value...but looks nice when done correctly :P

    Has to be creepy Vampifan, it belongs to a village, 200 years behind the rest of the USA after all! :P

  8. Awesome house this is, like the design and the way you made this!

    1. Oh, hey Remco, welcome to the blog!