31 Jan 2013

Board of the Living Lead diorama contest

Hello guys,

I had quite a busy for quite a few weeks, that have ended yesterday by what I hope to be my last exam!

I still wanted to show you at least something, so I will repost some pictures of my entry for Board of the Living Lead forum's competition.

The entry is pretty simple, it represents an encounter in an underground. Nothing special when you look at it now, but it took me quite some time to build it. The miniatures are separate so I can reuse them, and scenery can double as a background for shots of newly painted miniatures that way.  I might have mentioned that the male miniature is from Urban war (I bought female militia and he was mistakenly in a pack!), with his left hand cut of and swapped for a reaper's revolver. Looks way cooler than a clutched fist! Zombie is from Mantic and had a wire struck in his head and then clump foliage glued on to represent heads insides bursting out.

Thanks for looking,


  1. Very simple yet very effective.

  2. I say again mate, awesome stuff!
    If I'm being totally honest, it was seeing your entry that inspired me to do mine!
    Good luck with the comp dude.

  3. Great work Mathyoo, love the neat little touches such as the blood splatter and the pipes.

  4. Nicely executed, Mathyoo! (Pun definitely intended!)

  5. I really like your diorama. Perhaps you could have done something to incorporate the bases to the floor of the diorama, but that is a minor quibble. I really like the splattered blood!

  6. I like those. Hope your exams go well.

  7. Hey that's a pretty awesome diorama! Great work :D