11 Jan 2013

Aztec Sun stone

I did it! It only took me two days, about 6 -7 hours and it did not demand my sanity!It could be done even better, if I would drybrush all the colours so that cracks would show better, but this damn drybrushing never works for me. Below is an image I used for color references. I have also found one other color scheme, with way too flourescent colors and this one seemed something that could actually work. Original stone is not painted, but I figured this could work.

Below, you got a base as painted for Fenris games' shop. That would be much faster, but hey, everyone does that!

Thanks for looking,


  1. That looks tremendous, Mathyoo. Take a bow, sir!

  2. Wow well done mate it looks excellent

  3. Great job on that!
    You could have done a thin black wash over it to fill the cracks but I wouldnt bother as you may dampen the bright colours on it!
    Looks amazing as it it mate!

  4. Glad you like it guys, I must say I am quite proud of it myself.

    Nice idea Dave, but I'm afraid I'd ruin it..especially as my washes are weird...the pigment is clumped on both black and brown and they dry "powdery".

  5. That's a superb base from Fenris, and you have done it incredible justice my friend! :D