13 Feb 2013

Meet the Shantak! (and a happy birthday!)


On 11th of February, 2012 I've started writing this blog. A year has passed really fast...so fast I've actually forgot to post a happy birthday post! I'd like to thank everyone and each of you, who have read and commented my posts. It was a boost and it still is! Plus, there would be no reason to post things if there'd be noone to see them.

Also, I have painted my sculpt of Shantak. I will use it in a game of Strange Aeons as a flying nightmare, which is a profile for your every flying monster. I believe it is my brother's favorite monster, as it gives you the ability to snatch one of the good guys and carry him off table. Then, if the good guys win, they have to decide if they search for map pieces (normal procedure) or their missing member in the nest of the beast!

Shantak in stories of Lovecraft is as big as an elephant batlike creature with scales instead of feathers, 2 talons and a head of a horse. This is my try at sculpting the beast:

It had a quick paintjob, I went with dark colors, black and purple. I've finished it with a bit of a red for contrasts and gloss varnish to make it appear "slippery".

Here are the pics:

Thanks for looking once again!



  1. It looks cool! First picture where you can just see the lantern...I mistook it for a spraycan for a second! Hehe...

    And Happy Birthday to the blog!! Well done so far mate! And please do continue!!!

  2. Very nice mate, it looks great! Happy First Birthday to the blog!

  3. Slimy critter, isn't he? Nice work there, Mathyoo. Congrats on a year of blogging. I look forward to year two.

  4. Happy Anniversary Mathyoo, nice sculpt

  5. Congrats on a year down, it does fly doesn't it?

    Nice looking model too. It thought it as much bigger until you posted the to scale pics.

  6. Good sculpt Mathyoo, congrats on the anniversary too.

  7. Nice work Mathyoo, it looks Ghastly ! and congrats on your 1st birthday...

  8. Thanks guys!

    Yes, the sculpt does look bigger, just as it should be, hehe.