18 Feb 2013

Meet Threshold Operatives 2!


a guy that got my attention to Strange Aeons here in Slovenia has contacted me and asked me for a demonstration game. This gave me a slight boost to start painting my miniatures again.  I have found out that my biggest enemy in painting is deciding how to paint stuff.
When I was watching the figures, I've recalled that I saw an episode of Boardwalk Empire on TV few weeks back. I've recalled a striking red suit of the lead actor (Steve Buschemi, to me mostly known as the guy with a "funny face" from Fargo), so what I did was a) watch the series some more for 20s fashion b) got motivated to paint last 3 threshold agents that I own (well, 3 from 6 :D) and above all c) got interested in prohibition and mafia again. I have to admit I have never seen Godfather trilogy completely. Always saw most of it, never all. Now I feel the need to see it again. And to bug Shelldrake with questions about Mad dogs and guns. I had an idea of incorporating prohibition in my Strange Aeons game for quite a while...it is a game of evil cultists and they, much as modern terrorists, need money. Where could you get more than from selling the devils elixir? ;)

Anyways, here are the pictures. All miniatures are from Black Cat Bases:

We got miniatures of a writer whos name always slips out of my mind...Charles Fort, thats the one! He had various options for his right hand. At first I went with a pen, which would be painted as a cigar and I'd sculpt a pile of dynamites at his feet. It didn't glue well enough and as it was too small to drill with my drill, I went for the shotgun. It is a common weapon in Strange Aeons, so it made sense.  Second is a tommy gunner, which is really amazing except for one thing...his tommy gun. It is a model with thinner magazine (instead of drum) and it misses a vertical handgrip. This tommy gun is from 2nd WW, which was bothering me so much that I was considering a conversion. As the miniatures are from some sort of kinda resistant metal, I kept it. It bothers me less now, but I'd still love the drum magazine. Third miniature is one of the two adventurers. Again, his left arm could hold variety of weapons and I went with a civil war sabre, which was used quite a lot in games with my brother. Miniatures, especially left and right most two are really well done. Tommy gunner is older. They all got moldlines I had problems cleaning, but if I'd take more time, it could be done quite easily.  Other weapons choices on the adventurer and Fort are broken bottle, knife, axe, pen, book, pistol , electric hand torch, that lantern I used on first adventurer and a magnifying glass. Might be something else as well.

 I gave Fort the red checked dress, being an educated intellectual, he surely has to other financial incomes but a low wage of a govermental agent, fighting the monsters out of cosmos. He carries a trench broom, weapon so terrifying germans called for a ban during WW1. Also has pocket watch...can't miss on those monster. Mind his black and brown shoes.
Agent that has no name atm (in game I use names from various characters from Lovecraft's stories) picked an "experimental" thompson submachine gun. Compared to the type used by government officials and criminals it holds a smaller magazine and has lost the vertical hand grip, making it easier to conceal (I guess!). He is wearing a long raincoat and a fedora hat, making him blend with the crowd yet look intimidating.
Last in the line is another nameless agent, who is also dressed up to the latest fashion. His ancestor was a well known civil war cavalry commander and our agent has inherited the sabre. It gets hot under fire, so he has untied his raincoat. Looks like a batman if you try hard enough!

Below are some pics of all the team together. I've put Font infront to show you once more how proud I am of his suit :D. Those miniatures were WAY more joy to paint than the first three. And I think the standard has risen, now Lovecraft looks more like some puny baker's apprentice than a secret agent, saving the human kind...and selling his adventures as a fiction to them unaware citizens!

Oh, I might mention that I have booked flight to England in April and will 100% attend Salute this year, so I got to make sure I meet you guys that will be there as well!



  1. Good looking figures Mathyoo.
    The rukes "Mad Dogs with guns " are available.

    1. Thank you!

      I know, I know, but I am trying to find some more information about the game, mostly its all the same information being passed again and again. Have to wait for an AAR or something :)

  2. Hey Mathyoo - damn fine work here! I have Strange Aeons myself (after Shelldrake reviewed it, so it's his fault! ;) )but have yet to play a game of it :(

    I will be going to Salute (subject to change as a parent can never be completely sure that they'll make it somewhere!) so we will have to meet, and I will graciously allow you to buy me a beer! ;)

    1. Thank you! As for the game, you really have to try it, I played it whole saturday when I first got around to playing it. It's most fun I ever had in wargaming, for sure.

      Great, but if I'm paying, you got to make sure you find me, hehe. Clint was mentioning he will probably be there, as were Gnotta and Zerloon. With my stop at Vampifans' that's quite a lot of people to meet! :)

  3. Brilliant! Love the red suit !

    1. It's my favorite as well, also came out really decent, not too bright or too red :D

  4. Nice work they all look great dude. My Favourite has to be the dude with the sabre.

    I wouldn't worry about the Tommy Gun. According to the wiki its how these were sold to civilians.


    1. I especially like how his coat came out, personally :)

      Where have you found that? I've only saw that stick magazine was sold for half as much as a car :D

  5. Steve Buschemi - is always the guy from Desperado for me.

    Ask away about "Strange Aeons" and "Mad Dogs with Guns".

    If I can actually play the game I had planned for Boxing Day 2012 I will play a game of Strange Aeons too :-P

  6. They look cool, great work mate

  7. Thanks guys! Got Fishmen almost ready now :)