29 Mar 2013

Meet the Ancient Warrior!


I've got 5 miniatures ready to show, all converted Mantic zombies, as I've mentioned before. Each  miniature represents a different profile for Strange Aeons, so I will post them separately, but apart from this one, all 4 are somewhat similar. I will post them in 2 days intervals as I won't be home much in April and if I will be able to post one last time before my flight up to England, I'll gladly explain why these year's Salute theme - Jason and the Argonauts - feels so close to me!

Ancient warrior is your ordinary skeleton warrior. Mine was made from converted Mantic zombie. Was kept pretty simple, ingame it is armed with "claws and fangs", so mantic zombie came in handy. I've sculpted upper body's robe and a helmet. I actually forgot to sculpt chainmail on hands and such...for a taste.
He is not strictly skeleton, but was painted "old"...except for his brass helmet that somehow still didn't turn green :P. As an interesting fact, this was first time I've used my metallic paint for not-FOW miniatures. I much prefer NMM because of the composition of metallic paints and the "arty" feeling the non metal metal (NMM) leaves...had no idea how to do brass though!

The leaf-like symbol is an "Elder sign", a sign of Elder gods in Cthulhu mythos. I've used it to fill the blank space and connect the miniature to Strange Aeons scene.

Thanks for looking,


  1. Nice job Mathyoo, you've captured the look and feel for the characters description very well.

  2. Nice look. He's a big boy.

  3. Thanks guys!

    Mantic's zeds are a bit taller as such, and this one even more so, as the body is made to be ridiculously bent forward, so I got another few millimeters by repositioning him :)