17 Mar 2013

Meet the Dimensional Shambler!

Hello there,

another of my sculpts. This one has started out as something else...I think a "missing link" (something between ape and a human), but then, as I work as I go, it has became a could-be Shambler. Shambler travels between dimensions and has a body of something between an ape and an insect. Unfortunately, I did not know how to incorporate an insect part in him, so he is mostly just ape :D. His hide hangs loosely, which isn't represented either. I do like "dead-eyed rudiment of a head" that "sways drunkenly from side to side". Its fur is black, so I've figured I'd paint him blacks and grey all together.
In Strange Aeons it is supposed to be covered in moss, easily flammable, but I am not sure if I'd want to glue any vegetation on him. He is also too slim for my taste, but overall, I am quite satisfied. Just imagine how great it would look if I could paint him better! :D

So, my bestiary is slowly growing. As I am saving for my trip I am using what I have at hand and I must say it is really a nice feeling to sculpt something somewhat decent and be able to use it in games. That here is a shambler nobody else will ever have! I have few other sculpts in work, that have mostly bogged down as I am not convinced I can go on. So I need few days to gather courage and I slowly add things. I will show them when they are done. I am also converting all those mantic zombies that I have. I am working on (finished or WIP) 4 different kinds of ghost an an "ancient warrior". But that will have to wait!

Thanks for looking,


  1. nice work mate, I the only way I could suggest insect is either with a carapace or perhaps a fly like head.

  2. Nice job on the mini Mathyoo,
    I would suggest some big insect eyes if you want it more bug looking rather than an entire head change. Other than that I, I like the mini, so I would leave him as is.

  3. Thanks guys, I figured carapace myself, but the problem with the eyes is that they're supposed to be "dead", so I've just made them black holes :P

  4. Clever thought process so as not to loose a decent sculpt. Nic work.

  5. Cool and it is a unique mini that no one else has.

  6. Nice one man, it looks plenty cool, I too want to try some sculpting this year sometime.... may be a secret project.

  7. Thanks guys!
    And Extraordinarii, I can only encourage you to try, I've found it frustrating at first, but it is a thing that takes time, I guess. It would probably be best to do something "made up", like those monsters I am working on. It saves you worries about proportions and the looks as everything is "right". I've also found converting plastics is great fun :D