11 Mar 2013

Strange Aeons AAR: Monster attack!

Before I start with the battle report, I'd like to mention I've (obviously) renamed the blog. I've decided on this because it a) is more appropriate for most of my recent post and b) I've been thinking about it since I saw that 28 day later pun wasn't as original as I'd hope! :D I've also changed the colors a bit, but was trying to make it somewhat bright anyways, so it doesn't actually take sanity from followers...I do want people to read it, after all!

I am posting a Strange Aeons AAR, I've played 2 games with my brother on saturday. That is first game, and I will post the second in a couple of day.

Treshold team was sent to investigate reports of a cattle thief operating in the area. Local farms were regularly reporting missing cattle, later to be found butchered...if found at all. Usually, those kind of suspicion was a matter of the local police and hunters, but as some swore they've seen wolfman-like creature, Treshold has decided to investigate...could it be that long lost werewolves were operating in the area again?

My brothers 20 points treshold list has came to investigate. The team consisted of (his names!):

Character Fat Guy, armed with bowie, .45 handgun and bolt action rifle, filled with hollow point bullets (less range more dmg). He had 4 extra skills, mostly geared towards being a sniping killing machine. Hits on 2+ and his hits hurt. Vulnerable in CC tho.

Agent Smelly Fart, armed with bowie knife, .45 handgun, pitchfork (we're trying new things :D) and a shotgun. He is a big guy, has "tough" skill.

Agent Butt Crack, armed with bowie knife, .45 handgun, flame thrower and meat cleaver.

Here, from left to right we got Smelly, Butt and Fat.

They have walked pass the rocky terrain and came close to an old, forgotten cemetery near woods. (right short edge). As an experienced agents, they've grown sixth sense and felt they're being observed from the darkness.

 There was a savage beast, unknown to ordinary men but in tales - a werewolf!
 As the dogfaced monstrosity has caught a smell of its prey, it has launched into an attack. When it came close, the agents have spotted her and Fat tried to snipe it from the distance. The cover of trees and beast's agility rendered all shooting useless.
 Werewolf managed to come closer and took cover behind the rocks.

 Treshold members got soft knees and made some distance between themselves and the monster - shooting was even worse than before, as Butt's flamethrower has jammed and became useless.

Werewolf is a skilled hunter and it went straight for the leader of the pack. All that running must have tired him, however, as it was unable to win the combat against Fat. When agents saw their leader in danger, they joined in. Smelly ran close, but as he saw the beast's sharp teeth it ran for his life in fear! (ran over the board, counts as minor injury).
 When Butt saw his friend run, he broke and cried...he was unable to help his friend as his world and hope have both collapsed. When he got back up, he has assaulted the beast and was injured (minor injury!)
 Fat Guy tried his best to defend himself, knowing he needs miracle to get out alive from this one! Somehow he managed to win the fight and instead of futile attempt to kill the beast, he, too has turned away and left the table.
 Werewolf was left by himself, exhausted from the fight, but without any prey.
So, remember how I told you in last post how Werewolf is dangerous if he gets to make a major injury and how I never do it? Didn't do it here again. I've made minor injury to one agent and the other two ran away. This was first lurker's win out of 5 games and even this one was just a minor one.

Thanks for reading,


  1. Looks like all the hard work has paid off. The game looks great.

  2. Surely three men wasn't enough to take on a werewolf?
    Nice rep Mathyoo, and I like the new look to the blog mate

  3. A good enjoyable read, blog revamp looks good also.

  4. A good batrep, Mathyoo. Nice work on the blag revamp. I like the new blog name.

  5. Nice report. He bravely ran away! Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. The new blog name is good and I honestly don't remember the old design. One weird thing is that the blog still comes up as 28mm Later in my blog roll but as the new title in reader. Either way good stuff.

  6. Looks like it was an interesting game - did you and your brother enjoy it ?

    I really like the new blog look, so much easier on the eyes

  7. Glad you enjoyed it guys, when I am writing my reports I always have the filling I'm not expressing myself as I should, so I am a bit shy with writing them :P

    As for the looks, it is nice to know I am not the only one who thinks it looks better, plus, if I have any such color as "favorite" has to be purple since I was young...donatello and all :D

    Sean, the old design was mostly same, just "scarpbook" background, green instead of purple and different names for hit counter and followers, so not much difference after all :)

    Joe, this particular game was kinda boring to me, as I really hoped for a massacre, but game in general is the most fun I had with my miniatures for sure!

  8. Looking god! Bat rep, blog content.

    Never f@#¤ with a werewolf unless you have it 10 to one!!!!

    1. Damnit Johnny, how did you knew 1 werewolf is worth exactly 10 basic agents? Or 20 basic civilians!