9 Mar 2013

Meet the Werewolf!

Hey guys, as said, more lurkers to show!

I got a nice Black Cat Bases Werewolf to show today. It is a multipart kit (legs, torso, 2 heads -open and closed mouth). I believe he is a bit less bulky than other werewolves I've seen, but as he is the only one I own, I can't tell for sure.

You can get them in various poses and I believe the leaping one is the best. I think it is really nice miniature, albeit thin around the waist.

I Strange Aeons, when miniature is removed from the table, it could be due to "minor" or "major" injury. Minor means it will return normally to next game. Major means rolling on the injury table and can result in being crippled, getting a phobia, getting killed or getting something good out of it, like a free skill. When werewolf removes miniature as a major injury, that injury automatically results in multiple injury, so you roll more times on the table. Throw it bad and you could have 3 phobias!

I've only used it in game once, and I've manged to get all MINOR injuries on my brothers models, so it wasn't as morbid as it could be!

Other than that, I'm currently making some more jungle terrain. I've got hot glue gun really cheap so I've been playing with that now :D



  1. Very nice mate I like it a lot.

  2. Thanks guys! Managed to play 2 games just now, will post the AARs in few days. One of them uses here shown werewolf and the other some special relic, just shown by the SA publishers.

  3. Shes sweet Mathyoo, I also have this one sitting on the lead pile.

  4. Looks like it is tip toeing getting ready to say BOO!

    Hehe nice one mate!

  5. Thank you guys, and no Johnny, this is not a Red riding hood - monsters aren't supposed to be cute! Noooo

  6. Good job on the mini Mathyoo, he really does look ready to "Huff ad Puff"

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