19 Oct 2012

Meet the Conglomerate!

"Hue hue hue"



The sounds of evil laughter have mixed with the sounds of the stormy night.

The laughter came from filthy basement that medical student, one Herbert West has used as his laboratory. He started experimenting with reanimations with good intentions, but the thing have came too far. Driven by his wish to research a formula of elixir of life has twisted his mind. Right now he has finished stitching an abomination that looked like an ox, a human, an octopus and some other, unearthly beings would be mix together in a way, indescribable by pen and ink.

Herbert's laughter was masked by new, even more horrible sounds that could not be made by anything from this world! The beast got up and started destroying the laboratory. Herbert was still laughing maniacally! The creature turned, and then I saw it...the face of a man, screaming with hysterical fright! This face...could it be, it has retained its own brain and thinks separate from it?

This answer is unknown to me....as the moment I saw it, my knees got soft and, gracefully, I've lost my consciousness.

Not yet pained miniature that I've shown in last post:
 Painted front:
 Painted back (not happy with the eye :( )

 Some semi-atmospheric pictures:

Sorry for the raw hero. He will be first to get painted as he is my character in campaign now. He is new adventurer from BCB and I gave him lantern, so he looks like he has just heard something in the dark. Other options were a pistol (but he has one tucked on right side hip and another in arm, so he'd actually have 3 that way), a shotgun, an axe, a sabre, a broken bottle and even a pen. Second option was I'd give him reaper sawn off double shotgun on his back (thanks Johnny!), but that'd be too much. He's a fun mini. Need to get him painted!

Thanks for looking,


  1. Nicely done the tongue looks nice and slimy. I quite like the hero I've seen him elsewhere with the sabre and it looks quite good. Shame you could magnetise the shotgun and add/remove at leisure

    1. Thanks, still have to coat it with clear red for more sliminess :P
      Magnetising would be quite hard task, as it is just a mini. In my current list, that I hope will see games today, I just play him as dual .45, which he has. Shotgun is manned by Charles Fort :P

  2. It is so cuuuute!!

    Hehe well done mate!!!

    1. Cute? CUTE YOU SAY?!

      Thanks :P

  3. Awesome! It reminds me of the "lickers" from resident evil, especially when painted that way :D

    1. Had to google them...thats acutally a good inspiration for a hound of tindalos!

  4. Good background here! I like the sculpture, maybe more colors variation?
    Oh well it is creepy as it is!

    1. What would you suggest? I wont repaint it, but Id love to hear an advice because im am not the best in painting department :(

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks! And welcome to the blog Styx!