4 Oct 2012

Grant, olive trees and such


I've finally managed to finish my Grant figure. At first I didn't like him, but once I started painting him, i liked it more and more. I couldn't find my camera and I took photos with my mobile phone. Plus, I've took them while I was spraying my buildings outside on what appeared to be last sunny morning. On the photos, he is accompanied by Grom and I've already decided those two and other two from the pack (you can see "unboxing review" here). I went for my established urban cammo and olive drab equipment. I am really happy with the colors as I think it gives a nice contrast.

 As for the figure itself, it would be horrible expensive to play it WYSIWYG. He is armed with a machete, brass knuckles, two pistols and an SMG :P.

Below is just a random photo of the apartment blocks and a market store that I was spraying so I will be able to paint it over the winter or something.

Let me assure you I didn't spray on the pavement, capo di cassa would kick me out if I would!

And here are some more blurry pictures, this time of olive trees I was talking about. I had to shoot really fast as guys I was with didn't understood the importance of shapes for my hobby. Heretics!

 With all the shades and lightning, those groves really gave the spooky, fantasy feeling to the surrounding. A cinematic experience!

Heres a pictures of  what our agency sells as "the prettiest sandy beach on Corfu", well, its surrounding cliffs. Its not too visible, but those trees are also quite nice:

 And to end it, a random picture of Venice. Because I know you're interested in some architectural and flora history , a region called Karst (Kras) used to be covered in oak trees. Those forests were cut and logs were used as a foundation for the streets of Venice.

I might also mention I have spent another 35 euros on preorder and order of Strange Aeon's three Shocking tales expansions. One preordered book and 2 out of print PDFs! I really should write a review of the rules by now!



  1. Grant is a nice figure, I have the bald version. I may get the armoured one at some point just to add to the collection.

    Nice pics, Heretics indeed!

  2. Grant was one of the very first Hasslefree figures that I bought and painted, so I shall always have a soft spot for him. He and Grom look fine together. Your camo scheme has come out well.

  3. Very nice pics!

    Your buildings look great. The mobile phone pics aren't the best, but the camo on Grant and Grom looks well done. Nice job.

  4. Nice work on the camo; looking forward to seeing the buildings painted up )I'm still making mine).
    Are you going to have a go at making some olive trees too ?

  5. Thanks!

    I got to get myself to finishing other two as well, so I can move on with something else, hehe.

    Joe, not yet, but at some point eventually for sure...always need more trees and something more complex than those last batch sounds a good way to go!