1 Oct 2012



I have realized I havent posted anything smart for a long time. I got mantic-hasslefree's Grant painted, just needs base done and photos taken. I also got conglomerate sculpt finished and some other mostly done. Last friday I found out I "had to" jump in and went on vacation. My brother had 2 tickets for week on Greek Corfu booked but his now-ex left him three days before departure -.- As he couldnt get any of his friends due to short notice, I went with him. The agency we went with was worthless, so we mostly explored the island with a rented motorbike. Only hobby related photos that I have are those of olive trees. Theyre trunks are twisted and they really got this "fantasy" feel to them.

I'll post pictures of Grant and those olive trees somewhere later this week. My postgraduate lectures have started today, so I am somewhat busy with all the stuff.

I have also based all of the BCB miniatures I got last time and will try to finish some by end of the week...I really can't wait to start painting hybrids, but I am reluctant as I dont know how well will I be able to blend grey-green of deep ones with human skin tones!



  1. Well I hope you enjoyed your getaway, even if it took you away from the hobby for a bit.
    I've got my BCB figures here, but haven't done more than prime them just yet. They are in line behind a good amount of Studio Miniatures.

  2. Progress is progress. Hope you had a nice break. Look forward to seeing the snaps. Good luck with the lectures

  3. just remember that "All work and no play..."

  4. It...Is...ALIVE!!! Hehe.... Nice to have you back again mate

  5. Nothing like an impromtu adventure.

  6. Thanks guys!

    And I must say I feel a sudden urge to build something for my modern zombie games, hah!

  7. I was thinking I haven't seen a post from you in a while, but then I thought it was just me missing it as I haven't been on here in a while either (house move).

    The holiday sounds cool.. holiday and a motor bike even better! :D

    Welcome back!

  8. Thanks Carl!
    And yeah, i somewhat struggle with producing something worth posting and i post "fillers" so to say...but when i think about it, i got so much WIP things to show, it'd be better to just post about that :D