26 Oct 2012

Strange Aeons AARs


last week, me and my brother sat down for three games of Strange Aeons. I played the Treshold Agents all games while he took over the lurkers. I made pretty basic list and was hoping for 5 wins in a row, which would allow me departure in the jungle on a special mission. Thing turned bad....


Treshold squad consisted of:

Character John Raymond Legrasse
armed with dual .45's and a bowie knife

 Agent Charles Fort
armed with .45, bowie knife and a shotgun

Agent Walter Williamson
armed with .45, bowie knife and a tommy gun

Civilian Howard Philips Lovecraft
armed with .22

First mission was Escape...into danger!
Treshold agents were on a reconnaissance mission, investigating reports about haunted graveyard. Once they were engaged with strange old man...a high priest (had 2, 3 and 5 evil spells), their mission was to leave the area and report back to office.

They were not aware of great knowledge the old man possessed and tried to eliminate him. Below, you can see the scene just before contact. We got old man lurking behind a crypt on right side. Above crypt is agent Williamson with tommy gun. Left of the crypt is Legrasse, below are Fort and Lovecraft.

The old man has chanted two spells, giving his cold hands a touch of death and eldritch barrier making sure he gets hit harder. He shot a fireball straight into Howard Phillips who instantly suffered a minor injury (has left the table but was okay next game)

Then the old man charged straight for Legrasse, dispatching him with touch of death. Williamson was ineffective with his kugelspritze and he has suffered the same fate. Eventually, even agent Fort suffered the same fate.

After the game I've thrown the dice to see what happened to our heroes.

If you got the book, you can see that:
Williamson was dead.
Legrasse became claustrophobic (has to roll on insanity table when he enters scenery)
Fort suffered from ballistophobia (has to pass resolve if he wants to shoot)
 As Williamson died, I got a chance to reequip my agents. Legrasse took hollow-point bullets for his dual .45s. His range decreased, but damage increased. Fort felt he is more than uncomfortable with his shotgun, so he swapped it for a meat cleaver he got from butcher's shop. Williamson was replaced with James Woodville, armed with a bowie knife, .45 and a bolt action rifle.

Here is a closer picture of an evil doer!


Second game was a monster hunt. Straight forward scenario where our reequipped team faced a Dimensional Shambler (with bunch of skills that made him virtually indestructable)

Here is a table:
 Long story short, I couldn't really hurt him and I should've fled the table (a  loss and everyone suffers a minor injury)

A highlight of battle was when shambler threw Legrasse into scenery (forest). Legrasse got so paranoid, he immediately  lost his consciousness!
 Seeing all his friends dead or seriously hurt, greenhorn Woodville fainted. He was charged by a shambler and removed as a major injury.
 Here is the outcome:
Lovecraft suffered a minor injury and was okay by next game again. As he is a civilian, he can't get phobias, but would be okay on a roll 4-6, dead on any other.

Fort got lucky this time and came out without any permanent effects!

Legrasse got unlucky, his injuries were severe and he got D3 injuries! (I threw 2, so 1) - but he got lucky and is now a basket case - immune to psychology!

As Fort, Woodville came out untouched.
 Last  game was a bag man. Lurkers were easy this time, a buffed Herbert West and two zombies. The plan was to insert serum into uneads and make them grow!
Reality was worse, one zombie died (even with reroll!), the other got super fast.

 Long story short, they almost eliminated Legrasse, who was my bag man (he had 25% chance to guess who is it!) He has dropped a bag but Fort charged in and killed a zombie. West was killed when he charged Fort last turn.

Quite a fast win for the Treshold. As they were all still on board, I rolled 4 dice for map pieces and fount two!

We ended after this game and I really hope he will play more cultists so my .45s can actually hurt someone! 4 more games and we're off to jungle, wish me luck!


  1. Nice AAR's the table looked good. Now get those agents painted!

  2. I got 3 buildings half finished, some jungle terrain half finished, I agree, time to paint some agents! :P

  3. I have to say I didn't think you'd turn this around after your start but you manged it. Well done.