29 Jul 2013

Hummers to Humvees - part 2


been working on the two vehicles from last post through these days. There isn't much to show, but it took me a bit of work every day to achieve what's done. Mostly because I had to apply milliput three times on the doors (and it's still not "perfect" but there is a limit to what I'm prepared to invest in those humvees :P).

So, what's been done since last time? I have cut the sides of the sloped back and filed them to make it roughly oval. Same with sides of the roof. I've filled the doors with some milliput to get the "uparmored" feeling. I was thinking about covering roughly half of the windows, as original M1114 has them square. I've tried to do that to one, but I have decided it is not worth the effort. It looks cooler this way. Remember, rule no. 1: cool beats real. I still haven't found suitable tubing for snorkels and I have gave up on drilling through the exhausts (perhaps you can see futile attempt on the silver one).

I've also gave it few light strokes with sanding paper, especially on plasticard. They were both sticky and this has helped. I must make sure I don't forget to cut vertical lines on each to form an opening door on the trunk. I still haven't even started thinking about how to tackle front bumper, let alone weapons stations that would turn. I was thinking about making a static emplacement, but found it too boring.

I have taken them apart as I'll spray them black as soon as I get to a can. Call me paranoid, but I don't feel comfortable with having a spray can in overheated car :P.

 I have also dug out 1/47 Land rover defender. This is a vehicle as cool as Humvee to me and would be my first choice in "dream cars". Well, the shorter, 90 version. This larger one will do for my gaming needs. I've done some googling and I couldn't find that exact version of Rover in military colours. They are either more open or have less windows. Anyways, I'll repaint it to something green and use it as a soft skin troop carrier. Not something you'd ride to a battle in, but perfectly useful for last resort troop transport or getaway vehicle. I've drilled (and almost gave up on it) a small hole up in front for snorkel, but again, apart from wire that I'd stick in there, I got no idea how to tackle it just yet.
I've also finally started working on the infantry part of the project. Accept for limitless amounts of plans, this is what I've managed to get actually done:

Nothing to write home about, but hopefully a start to an assault rifle (3 so I can give it 3 tries, but so far, only the middle one is resembling anything I'd be happy with at this stage)

Thanks for looking,

24 Jul 2013

Hummers to Humvees - part 1

Lately, my hobby mojo is coming back - now with improved interest in ultra modern battles. I am reading a lot about Force on Force and my biggest wish atm is to play some of those games with slovenian infantry. As with everything slovenian, it is a thing of pride and warm feeling we get when people abroad talk about us! :D

Now,  with as much as I know about Force on Force, it needs a lot of figures, so 15mm would be the way to go...but I'll do it in 28mm. I think this may be my main 2014 project, but then again I just could change my minds 20 times before the January. In FoF quick start scenario, you'd need 14 US and 20 taliban figures. This is still a small count compared to GW games, but bare in mind I've been playing games with less than 10 figures on table lately! Actually, not counting my zombies, I'd struggle to find enough models to proxy this scenario.

So, back to the plan. I've been revealing my great plans to Brummie and told him how I wouldn't go heavier than humvees in 28mm. I mean, sure I wouldn't mind a nice big fat 8x8 APC, but Humvees are all I'd need for now. He has mentioned to me, he could pick me up some Poundland hummers to fill in, as resin vehicles would quickly get quite expensive. This was a great idea...and not just that, it has reminded me that I had bought two of those last year! I've dug them out a couple od days later and started converting them. More on the background brainstorming later on, but I will base my moderns in Imagi-Nation (Island called Evergreen, with capital city called Evergreen fields - the perfect spot for Everything-bad, including zombie invasions).  As it will be imaginary, I will allow myself a slight freedom in vehicles and equipment if desired. To be completely fair, at this time, our troops use american MRAPs instead of our own vehicles in Afghanistan, because of the added protection of those vehicles. So, for games, using any vehicles would work, if need be.

I've killed enough of your time with blabber for now, so on to the hobby and pics:

I have a great article at home that exposes all the modifications that were made by our first troops in Afghanistan (made by special forces) in 2004 (picture above shows one of those vehicles). In almost a decade since then, the uparmoured turrets were added to some of the Humvees (and very late, as few years before that, US troops offered to improve our vehicles, but the goverment didn't approve it because of bureaucracy -.-). I haven't yet decided what I will do with their turrets yet, but I think I'd go with plain gun shield. Other conversions include improved front bumper, a special wire cutter (to help gunner avoid low hanging wires) and a reserve wheel + jerry cans...things like that.

In last couple of years I've seen them all. With HMG without a shield; with only a shield (as above); with all-round protected cupola; same as before, but uparmoured with little windows etc. So really, anything would work.  But as this is hobby, coolness factor wins, so I'd need to see some more photos before I decide! :P

I've started by putting them apart but decided to take few photos to show from where I'm going.As said, I got 2 hummers from poundland. I did some measurements and maths, apparently they are around 1:43 by lenght (didn't bother checking anything else), which has surprised me as they appear somewhat small (compared to other vehicles, not to miniatures). The tyres are somewhat small and I can't resist the urge to try and bulky them out with some greenstuff. I was thinking I'd roll a thin sausage around them and then I don't know...do something to make them a bit bulkier.

The photo above was taken with one roof put back on, but windows were still out. You can see I've filed their wipers...for some reason, they were modeled on the lower part of the windshields. I have no idea if civilian hummers have them on this way, but well, I felt so zealous, they had to be gone.

Later, I've also tried to file the doors to get the angled as they should be, but after one door, I've decided it is not worth the effort. So, effectively, I've done some damage that would only need fixing. I would really prefer to have "proper" shaped doors, but losing couple of hours (my rough estimation :P) to file those down...not worth it. I have no picture at that stage, but I'll let you know where the result is visible.

For future reference and perhaps your project, trunk plate measures 4x2.8 cm. Roof plate measures 4x3.4 cm. I went with 1.5mm plasticard at first, but then decided to use 1mm on the roof, which I believe looks better. I kept thick one for the trunk. In retrospective, working with 1.0mm plasticard is much easier, so now I should ask myself what to do with all the excess 1.5 plates I got. I do think I bought them for terrain basing, anyway.

Back to humvees, here is a shot with both types of roofs. 1mm on left and 1.5 on the right. There are some sides photos down below. You can see the results of filing doors on the blue and planned marks on both of them. I've scored the doors as they need to be filled with putty. I guess liquid putty would come in handy here, but I got none, so I will go with darker GS with maybe a bit of miliput mixed in for hardness. I'd assume it has to be sticky enough not to fall of later on.

Below is a quick shot of progress, trunk plates glued on. I'm using two part epoxy resin from my and your favorite shop. It stinks horribly, but I think it is better than super glue for this kind of work.
 Later I've put on roofs as well and filed them. I was getting ahead of myself and I've filed the corners of trunk as well. That was a mistake, as I've later found out it is easier to glue sides directly on then to cut them to correct size to insert them. I have crooked hands (I'd say they're both left, but I'm left handed so this wouldn't really explain my "situation" :D), so everything is quite wiggly...but I'll trim some, fill some and it should end up decent.

I have trimmed them the same day, but didn't take any further pictures. I must say I quite enjoy working on those. I've painted something I have yet to show, but I've decided to give this post a priority because it shows something different for a change. I really enjoy it and I hope the end result will be decent enough. I do expect it to bog down immensely after I finish with the rough shape, however. I got no idea how to make stowage basket in the end and front bumper in the front. Let alone rotating gun mount....any tips perhaps?

Thanks for looking,

21 Jul 2013

1920 Cthulhu mythos size comparison

 I am a part of "Eldritch" group on facebook where I was asked for size comparison photos of BCB miniatures. I've added some others in the mix and decided I'll make a post out of it. I can also proudly say I am painting something as we speak so next post will be proper post again!

I have decided to show mostly humans, as showing monsters doesn't really make much sense, but I could do that if needed.

I will keep it short, below every picture manufacturers will be listed left to right.
 BCB (Black Cat Bases), Artizan, BCB, EM4, BCB werewolf, Mantic, Artizan, BCB
 BCB, Artizan, BCB, EM4 (smaller)
 BCB, Mantic, Artizan, BCB

 BCB, GW Ungor, Dixon (larger), BCB
 Dixon (smaller), BCB, EM4, BCB
 BCB, Artizan, EM4, BCB

Hope it proves useful,

14 Jul 2013

Female survivors


I've finally got to it and finished first 28mm survivors I've managed to get for my zombie project.
You can see unboxing post here. I had quite some problems with them (it started even before I got them due to LGS mishap and it only got worse) and while I think they're not bad miniatures, they're somewhat sci-fish and they wouldn't be my first choice. They needed quite some cleaning up, if I remember correctly, but now that they're all painted they look quite nice.

I have painted the rest before (I have one male as it was packed wrongly and I got the right miniature from them eventually) and I've taken some group shots that you can see below.

I've learned quite few things while I was painting those, most notably I'm sick of greys and blacks I used to love that much :D.

 So, first miniature is highly converted. Gun was cut of, right arm repositioned and TAG flamethrower was placed in her hand. Apparently, because flamethrower is just like a chainsaw, you got to have one! Pipe is just a brass springy wire. Second one only had wire inserted in her right hand and sculpted to roughly present a dagger. I wanted as many survivors as possible to carry melee weapons so thats about it.

 Not much to say about miniatures themselves. I am quite happy with the result, yet I can't lose the feeling they were a rush job (that took me week to finish -.-)...I just can't get myself to enjoy painting at the moment. Perhaps I should put some plastic zeds together while I wait for my mojo to come back.

Below is a group shot with blurry WIP sculpts that have also came to an unfortunate standstill. Apart from two girls shown today, only a guy is converted (got a pistol in his right hand). 

All in all it isn't too much of a work done, but considering how limited my survivors range is, I am over half done! I got more much more painted (and to paint) for Strange Aeons, for example...if we don't count the zombies!

Thanks for looking,

8 Jul 2013

Big Lee's millionthversary!


I've been resisting the temptation to pimp other pages just for the prize (got no problem with spreading the word of all the cool things people show on their blog!)...but as I am struggling painting miniatures for my next posts, I've figured I'd buy me some time by pimping Big Lee's million views giveaway.

You can find a post Here. While I'm mentioning Big Lee, I've only found his blog after I've met him at this year's Salute (yeah, I know, I mention Salute in every post, but it really did bring a lot of things out!). If anyone cares, he is kinda big. I'd guess "Big" would be more of a nickname for me..that irony! :D.
 I'd like to say I like his blog, as it is full of the things I like, but every time Lee posts about all the great museums he has visited, I die a bit inside. Plus he uses this posh new look for blogs that keeps giving me problems, I really aren't the most IT educated guy around.

Well, I shouldn't complain too much. Do take a look at his blog if you haven't yet, his Afrika Korps are just fantastic!

Thanks for looking and sorry that I'm not actually showing anything...will try to finish the two miniatures by the mid week!


4 Jul 2013

Alive and kicking!

Nope, not your favorite 80's song!

Ending Strange Aeons streak, I've painted some zombie hunters / survivors...call them what you will. I still have loads to paint for SA, but I felt joy has turned into mindless painting, so I figured switching a genre should help.

Before I start, excuse the shine...it comes from Vallejo mat varnish (or so they label it). The first bottle I used (17ml) was fine, but now I am suffering trough 60ml of this semi-shiny liquid and I don't like it. Considering the season, I might go pick up a mat varnish in spray and give all those miniatures a quick run do dull the shine a bit.

So, on to the survivors. Every single one of them is converted (yay!) From left to right, we got converted mantic-hasslefree Ken. This one had deformed G36 rifle (I got replacement :P), but otherwise, miniature was fine. I've decided to go all patriotic with it and I converted a rifle a bit, making it FN F2000S. It is a damn sexy rifle and my great life plan is making a bunch of slovenian (or is it slovene?) soldiers. I've also gave it a civilian backpack and "skull" mask over his face. My painting doesn't really show it, but in general, I'm quite satisfied with it.
The police officer in the middle comes from TAG, SWAT officer with baton and shield. Now, I've had this one laying around for quite a while and I really like it. Idea for him comes from suggestions I've found when I've joined Board of the Living Lead,  your place of choice for all living lead fans. I've piled his glasses and sculpted him a helmet visor (but you could buy those from TAG, check modern russian accessories). I have made his silly stick into a zombie-hacking machine - an axe. He wasn't awesome enough, so I've drilled trough his radio and gave him a sawn off...just in case. You can see he has his right hand protected by chainmail. I have no idea if he got it from a butcher or a diver, but it does a job! As you can see, his shield is quite bloody...I am no expert but I'd say someone was decapitated with it (dramatic sound)!
Decal was sent to me aaaages ago by Lucky Joe - Thanks man!
Last guy comes from TAG as well, he is a freebie miniature (search headhunter). This one is the least converted, he was given a TAG holstered pistol (search modern US accessories, IIRC) and an over sized harness...I'm learning! I have tried doing some stringy gore with UHU glue and pulled the strings from the dead head down to the floor, but it snapped.

Vehicle is from poundland, got it in April. Not the best around, but hey, it's an ambulance! :P

I don't have much interest in moderns atm, but I have to say I really enjoyed painting some gore again. I will post in bigger intervals now, as my mojo still isn't quite back, but I am aiming for at least a post per week...if nothing else, I have a lot to "think" about - sci-fi mutant hunt, cold war gone hot drooling, and there was one other thing I was really into, but it has escaped my mind atm!

Thanks for looking,