6 Mar 2012

Urban war Militia females with pistols - unboxing

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I went back to my WGS to try and pick up Urban war miniatures I've ordered. This time, I came later in the day, so I didn't have to wait for a guy being late, and there was this nice girl on the counter and I even got my pack at last, heh. As told before, I got it with -50%, but with 20% charge on top of that, so it was -40, but that is still good enough. Urban war range is more sci-fi than modern, militia males, for example, are too futuristic. But girls are okay.

Here is the blister as I got it:

(the price seem to be old, 8 pounds dont equal 12 euro for a while now, heh)
In blister, there were included 5 lipped 30mm round bases. I much prefer the look of those bases compared to regular 25mm slotta bases, but that 5mm is simply more place taken. If you're reading that Joe, since you're using them, let me know when its your birthday and Ill send you a gift, lol. Or maybe the birthday after, so I can accumulate more of them, hehe.

So, to the miniatures. Here are all of them raw, together. The guy is top row, first from left. 
Again, keep in mind those are now my first metal 28mm figures, so I might be too harsh or too light on comments. One thing I've noticed with figures was the ammount flash and everything. Below is the worst of them. While I was cutting the flash around her face, I accidently put too much pressure to the knife and chipped one of her glasses. I feel horrible, shes a nice gal. I should add, that my biggest problem was removing that fat blob you see on upper picture, lower row, left figure (in a coat, at her right hand)...that was a thick one and took some time to get rid of. Plus I had problems around the fingers afterwards. On this picutre, you can see the tibia guards she has on her boots. That is what most of them wear and it is the only thing that suggest they're made for sci fi, I guess, not a problem.
On the picture below, I've set them in a row. Nothing special here, just to show you how they look. They're from militia with pistols pack, so, obviously, they're armed with pistols. Some of them carry a bigger calibre, a desert eagle wannabe, so, in THW terms, a BA pistol.

And some comparison pictures, compared to WGF zombies and my zombies-to-become, to give you idea of scale:

Got Bonnie and Clyde shooting for their lives here:
...and Obvious Blonde shooting a zombie in his heart. Somebody here was too cool to listen to the zombie elimination classes.
And two brave girls defending from the attack of headless green ghouls down below:
Last picture shows you my sculpts, which, I may add, got some more shape since last post. Will work on them in the next few days a bit too and will show them on saturday. I've noticed Im doing something wrong, the height seems okay overall, but legs seem a bit short. That patient green has his legs finished and he looks like he hasn't ate in ages!

Thats all for today, I am satisfied with the miniatures, will use them as either survivors (and I count armed civilians in that class) or gangers. They're really nice and as with my first "unboxing" review, the main purpose of this post was to show you how they look when you get them. I got the idea of that kind of posts because I didn't want to make miniatures look bad if I won't paint them good enough and to help people see how miniatures look before paint hits them, in case anyone is ever interested.

Thanks for taking time!


  1. Those girls look pretty good. I hate removing flash, too. I like those BA pistols. I like the way your sculpts are coming along. I noticed right away that they look like you are fleshing them out. Thanks for the offer of the bases. I can always use more. I have a bunch of the Hero/Horror Clix that need to be rebased.

  2. Nice order Mathyoo. I have my eye on a few things from the urban war line for a sci gi theme that I have yet to start. And without even getting to the playing stage of ATZ! Oh such shiny distractions!

  3. Very nice mate. Zeds are coming along. The girls are great. They guys might look a little scifi but with a different paintjob they could fit in quite well

  4. @Joe, will take some time to accumualte a decent number and then they're yours ;)
    @ Adam and Brummie, yes, those were the only pack I thought could fit in a modern setting. The females with rifles were way too sci-fi with those weird rifle, but those pistols look just fine. I am still waiting for the paints sadly, seein all you people's painted minies really makes me want to finish some of my own :)

  5. That's a nice set of figures. To help in removing "flash" I'd recommend a fine file as well as your craft knife. Sometimes it's better to file away excess metal than trying to cut it off.

  6. Yes, it is about time I'd get them, heh. Was using nail file but its way too big to reach all those little spots. It would be a shame if I'd destroy a figure now and then just because I wouldn't bother to pick some files up :)