24 Mar 2012

Mantic zombies - unboxing

Hello everyone!

Mantic are another producer of plastic miniatures. Their "Kings of War" range is meant for fantasy battles, but their zombies, that I am going to show here and probably also Ghoul regiments are good source of cheaper plastic miniatures, suitable for beginners as myself and probably for anyone who wants to bulk their horde with some cheap miniatures. I think they're pretty useful as ragers, as their poses are pretty offensive. But unless you need 30 (which is AT LEAST how many you get in a box) ragers, they can fill the job as the "ordinary" zombies.

Here is a box they come in:

And the back side:

Nothing special, as you can see, front is quite nice but the back side is somewhat poor, I guess. It does, however, show you some of the more interesting poses you can make, like a 2 zombies made from one by splitting it around a waist. I can imagine a diorama with upper half crawling behind lower shouting "Yo legs, Y u no wait?!"

Inside the box are sprues. As with WGF not protected or anything, just put inside. As I write this, I remembered I thought I read how they should come with a carry case or something. Well, anyways, there should probably be 10 zombies sprue as you can make 3 standing zeds from one sprue. I got 11, because I've been a good boy this year. There are also 3 sprues of 10 bases each, which I won't use because I've decided on using 25mm slotta bases for my figures.

Each sprue holds enough parts to make 3 standing or 4 mixed zombies. So, in a box of 30, you could actually make 40 if you wish. Legs are nothing spectacular, they're all wrapped in rags, which is bad for modern looking zombies, but somebody figured you could just paint them in white or light blue to represent patient's gowns. I can't find the author, but keep in mind that is not my idea. I do like it, tho. The rest will probably be modified here and there, for variety and modernisation. Three torsos are pretty dynamic, almost too dynamic. You will see at the 3 models I've put together how unlimited is my imagination and the ability to make each individual zed a bit different. Two of the torsos have only one arm and you can choose between three arms. The bad thing is, only one of those is "normal". One holds an arm, second a head (great idea, imo, but I don't want 10 of my zeds to carry something). There are 6 heads per sprue, which offers a great varierty. Then you get a spine and some guts for torso-less zombie and a round base to make legless zombie.

Here is a picture of two sprues so you can view both sides and bases sprue:

And Mantic sprue compared to WGF zombie sprue (keep in mind you need 2 mantic sprues to makes 6 zeds and only one WGF for same ammount):

Below you can see pictures of my assembled zombies and some scale shots of WGF zombies and urban war females:

Still influenced by the trip,

Thanks for reading,
keep calm and carry on! :D


  1. Very nice. Those Mantic Zombies are some of my favorites. Nice sculpts and very affordable. Looking forward to seeing how you paint them.

  2. Mathyoo, it would be worth your while getting a set of the Mantic ghouls. Their ghouls and zombies mix together very well and will give you an even bigger choice of poses. Do that and you'll have a horde of 100+ zeds in no time.

  3. I agree, they're so good, I would want to build up WHF army out of them, hehe.
    Will re-check the ghouls, but now I have to convince myself I don't need an Early war FOW army and buy some TAG miniatures, need survivers!

  4. Great review, nice to see the comparison pictures they are definitely on the shopping list