24 Mar 2012

Toys, toys, toys

Hello guys!
I am just back from "up there", had a lovely time, finally saw the city everyone keeps talking about and even got me some new toys.
Here is a picture of all the wargaming-related loot together:
What we got here is:
- A box of 30 mantic zombies, some pilles (remember how I cried about ruining a mini with a hobby knife?). I will do unboxing review for Mantic zombies shortly.
- Garbage truck (they had them in white, yelow and green, figured white is the best), I could also pick that other garbage truck with that huge dumpster, but this one is much nicer and I figured one is enough.
- Street cleaner truck. Those two trucks are 1/56 trucks, got them for 2 pounds each from Morrison's. Scale is spot on, heh.
- The rest is from Poundland, so pound per pack. Got two hummers that I also saw somebody else got on the blogs, but can't remember who. I've picked two as I've figured I wouldn't need any more. They're a bit small compared to rest, but I think they're great. Just need some repainting. I got pack of 3 police cars. Now let me make this clear. They're not the same! Those are patrol cars 911, 112 and 120 :P. I also got pack of 3 random cars, nothing special, but hey, one for 33,3333 sounds good. Lastly, I got myself two buses (hey, I had birthday and could afford!). Will probably only use two on the same table when I will play on maps with totally blocked roads that look so cool. Those cheap cars are nice fillers, IMO. Generally, the police seem a bit out of scale.

So what I got for you are some bad scale pics. If you want to see better ones, please let me know and I will shoot some tomorrow. I'm dead tired at the moment. But can't sleep so that why I'm writing that, heh.

So, various vehicles and some WGF and urban war minies:
 A garbage truck and street cleaner. Cleaner has 5th wheel that actually turns its cleaning "mops" while you move it and the garbage truck is fully move-able...just so cool. To be honest, I'd love to have them all :D
 Street car and a hummer:
 Same street car and police car. The police car doesn't seem that large after all:
One of the buses. It's a colossus vehicle, but I tihnk its pretty good scaled...it might just look funny next to my buildings, I tihnk:
 And not as much wargaming as zombie related, bloody hands you can stick on your window! Picked those up at -50% while visiting London dungeons (which I really recommend visiting, if you ever find yourself close by):
So, what now? Got to build my streets to occupy them, of course! I really got pumped while I was hoarding all the goodies. And my paints have finally been dispatched, so next week, hopefuly, I will be able to show you my very first painted zeds. Won't get sculpting tools tho, so I will still have to work with my old ones. The week off was nice, but I can't wait to do something hobby related!

(watch me being polite now!)


  1. All right! Great haul, there. I really like that bus, but I think the vehicles all scale in well. Happy birthday!

  2. This is a mighty fine loot pile! I think you will be pleased with the mantic zombies, I know I am.

  3. Nice haul you have there. I need to get some more cars its on ym to do list next month

  4. @joe Thank you! The bus is really great. I saw one in Slovenia, similar to this one (in shape, not quality) for 15 euros (12,5 pounds) and a yellow US schoolbus (that I want sooo much :D) for 20 euros (16-17 pounds). And here I got all vehicles for 10 pounds, which seemed good enough. I wanted to pick the 3rd one as well, but that would be just an overkill.

    @Siwoc Thanks, I'll dig in them later today, I saw great ideas on other places, like converting them to female zeds or painting them as hospital patients (which sounds practical). And if I build those and WGFs, Im on 60 already, hehe

    @Brummie You should really check poundland stores. They even got a store locator on their website. I didn't manage to get in any other Tesco but Tesco express, which had nothing, but Morrisons seemed cheap enough to me. I could also get medic, police or firefighter jeep for 1.5pound each, but I've decided I don't need them, especiall because garbage truck itself seems like a much better deal.

  5. You did well with the vehicles, Mathyoo. Poundland is great for picking up some neat bargains. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to our shores.

    1. Not just enjoyed, I loved it! :)