31 Mar 2012

Careful! Undead on the way!

Hello guys,

firstly, I'd like to thank everyone for checking the blog as I've reached 1,000 views. That is really something, next, we go for 5k! :D

Also, I got some WIP pictures of my first 3 zeds, which also happen to be my first 3 28mm miniatures painted.
They need bases fixed, which I'll do with drybrushing gray (and by that I mean grey :P) over the black to give it urban feel. I was thinking about leaving them as they are, that is, much dilluted black paint over the white primer. Doesn't look that bad at all. And I have to paint the rim of the  bases. Last thing that needs fixing are the zeds themselves. I will probably mix some dark red and paint the areas that will eventually get blood on them, so I can seal them with matt varnish and they're good to play. When I get my hands on tamiya's clear red that everyone loves, I'll put some blood on them. I got to keep it little, I've decided, so I can paint my ragers covered in blood to make them visible from far, hehe. I'll use mantic zeds for ragers, but can't have 30 of those, can I? :P

So, to the zeds.

I've decided that I should name them all. Just for the character. Those poor souls used to be humans back then and I am sure they have feelings, too! We could just give them the right to vote!
Names are not decided yet, but every zombie will be either, for example Ex-Bob or Was-Bob. Any suggestions?

Back to the painted examples.
Trio is from WGF zombies. For skin, I went with german fieldgray undercoat and then mixed dead flesh, ended with pure dead flesh (I use vallejo colours). I never been fan of green zombies, but I quite like how it game out, actually. The details on the zeds are really bad, so it was hard to make much of them. They looked weird before I got clothes painted, but I think its good enough for the table as it is.
The first guy from the left is un-WGFish as he is "much" converted. He has army pants that I've painted (what I wanted to be) khaki, just because 3rd guy was all khaki. As I've said before, I'll paint them 3 at once using more or less same colours so it speeds up the paining and gives a decent variety. His shirtless torso was greenstuffed to make him wear a sweater and his left hand was repositioned, so he looks disturbingly cool. Blue sweater has no reson, I just liked  blue. As you can see its highlated more by the feel than any science, hihihi. Second guy could be an Ex-policeman or Ex-gaspumpshopworker, as he has blue uniform. Failed highlighting as with the first one, but again, up from far, it ain't horrible. Third guy is Ex, or Was, if you prefer, Steve. He has the most story behind him. To hint you, he wears (what, again, should be) khaki sleveless vest and khaki "adventurer" shirt. You can see he has nice semi-long blond hair. He's a crocodile hunter. And he is one of the 3 that I think, look better up close. From far his  khaki dress merges with his green skin and he ends up looking kinda naked. Actually, now that I look at him, its not too bad, but blue gives muuuch better contrast. He was most unfortunate, as you can see he caught a pipe while he was harmelessly shambling across the streets of (still) Unnamed city. Poor chap!
I've used "layering" and no washes, which gives them somewhat cartoony style. I've also used "NMM" tehnique instead of metal colors on the pipe. I must say I prefer them this way, gives them a humorous feel. Not the best models, but I really enjoyed painting them, listening to Alison Hewitt is trapped (thanks for suggestion  Zombie Chow, I wasn't aware of audiobook version) and thinking of a story of each unfortunate individual.

Thanks again for all the support and thanks for taking time to read,


  1. Looking good Mathyoo I'm also painting my first few zombie this week and the skin is a new learning curve

  2. Good start, I've only got 69 zombies painted so far and couldn't really bring myself to name them, but good luck.

  3. Great job on these. The sweater conversion is very well done, and the pipe through the chest is a nice touch.

  4. Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiinnnssss.....

    Good work so far mate! Kepp it up, we are watching you!

  5. I decided on a simple zombie skin, probably just because I would be doing so many of them. It is modelled after Vampifans styling, and mostly just Dhneb stone and black wash. It comes out grey and dead looking, and is really quite easy.
    As for names, it is a great thought, but thinking of how many zombies you'll wind up needing, that is a lot of names. I'd probably save it for the more character zombies, but I won't try to stop you from going through with it.

    Great post!

  6. Thanks guys
    Yes, I interrogated Bryan about his grey zombies too, will do that too once, Im sure.
    I get sick if I think about naming 300 zombies, but I figured I'd just find a page with english baby names and go from A to Z and then again. If some repeat, thats no problem, but then again, it might really get boring pretty soon. Will wait with that, hehe.

    I am waiting for inspiration to build some more buildings now, or at least to finish what I've got done, but will try to paint at least 3 zeds per week, to keep the things running :)

  7. You're off to a good start, Mathyoo. As for naming your zombies, I agree with Adam. Name the "personalities" not everyone. I like naming my minis but I draw the line at naming my zombies. Some are named, but they are very much in the minority. But if you think you can do it, then go for it. Who said zombie gamers were mad? LoL!

  8. I don't think that'd be too much problem, just have to go down the list: http://www.ourbabynames.co.uk/englishboys.php hehehe.

    About the card you stick on bottom of your bases, how do you do it? Stick bases to a card and then cut around the base, or cut, then stick?

    1. I stick the card to the bases first. Give it time to dry then cut the excess off with a pair of scissors. For 25mm diameter bases I stick on 25mm square pieces of card. It's easier cutting out loads of squares than precut circles.

    2. I could imagine that!

      Thanks, will try that with the 3 I've painted :)

      Plain cereal box card, I guess?

    3. That would work fine. Any thin card or thick paper will do.