4 Apr 2012

Never seen before pictures of the...

man cave! Ta-daaaa!

Dežnik corporation (google it, if you dare!) has published never, ever, ever, never seen before pictures of the man cave...the complex installation of underground tunnels and technological advanced laboratories, that produce what you can admire on this blog site. (Might be slightly exaggerated!)

A sneak peak was exclusively released on the Board of the living lead (which you should check out, if you haven't yet), and here, you can see even more of it! Keep in mind, no questions will be answered and only "public" marked information will be released for you to see. 

 On the picture above you can basically see all there is too a man cave. Add some 50 centimeters for a window to the right and some wardrobes on the left and thats my room. I came here shortly after my family bought the house we live in for 9 years now. Mainly to have my own room, as I should share one with my brother. And here is less to clean :P. Above the desk is my bed, below are some shelves full of military magazines for my study. Bookshelves are full of books and random junk, I am a bit of a hamster, less of use, more sentimentally attached I am to things, haha.
A close-up on the desk. From left to right you can see work-station. There is a cd with pictures from London...my girl visited on sunday and we had to show them to my parents :P. There is an old plate I use as a pallette, but got to get myself a wet  eventually. Then we got those big papers that act as cutting mat, you can see them shreaded from last cork building experience. In the background are my colours. First are for FOW germans I've been painting, behind are the ones I use less. Those with grey caps are the flesh colours I just got. Cookie box is empty, but I "will" need it one day (yes, a hamster :P). You can see boxes from boths zombie sets and some empty FOW boxes. The red books are very old. I had 3 of them from my grandma when I was young and I read them over and over years ago. They're from series "How did they live in..." and you got everything from prehistoric times to 18th century. I got complete collection as a birthday pressent so long ago, I can't remember when. Those are the books I love the most without the question. On upper shelves there are some empty boxes, some Warhamemr figures I got when I started the hobby and some other random stuff...lots of sand from Tunisia (my parents LOVE the country), I use for my basing. There is also sand in the blue ice cream box on the table and behind them, there are my bits boxes and you can see some kitty litter stored. Comes in handy! Nothing special to the right of the table, my computer, some more books and some more junk. When inspiration strucks, I will toss the unnecessary things away. I promise!

Here is a close up on one of my jars. It says "Enjoy Sara-jevo", and I, obviously, got it while I was in Sarajevo. I wanted it as soon as I saw it. It might look a bit lame, but I found it funny. Next to it there is a close up on all the tiny 15mm bits. Should've rearrange that one day, too. Maybe even ( :O ) put them in drawers....about drawers. I only got three dedicated to hobby at the moment, two small and one larger.

On the picture below is one of the smaller ones:

 You can see some tools, some cork off cuts, some spare blister packs (will come useful once!), spare blister cardboard and some extra random stuff. Second smaller is only half-arranged, as all it has is some random papers, cutters and "olfa" knife I use for heavy-duty cutting.
My bigger drawer, currently occupied by few assembled zeds, few WIP greens, some survivors, vehicles I've written about last week and some WIP houses.
Here is a sneak-peak view of my mantic zombies, check the crawler, I've chopped his hand on 2 places to give an impression of him pulling himself  away from his legs. Torso Y U no wait?! Next to them you can see I've finally had enough and decided my sculptures can be "done". I glued 3 of 6 heads on them, because only the smallest of WGF heads somewhat fit. I really made those too small, but hey, thats why it's called "practice", not "perfection", eh?

Thats all for today, I could mention I was writing that post since sunday...hardly found time to finish it, but now, after a long, pretty bad day, I found some joy in finishing it. Funny how good this blog does me. Thanks again for all the support, I am glad I've decided to start this project all together.



  1. Almost too neat and tidy......hehe...

    Looking quite good mate! The cookie box is a good size to keep miniatures in. Blister packs are good for sorting stuff as well. Yes...I am a hamster as well!!!

  2. Very neat and tidy mate. Nice to see where everyone does there work and how they store things.

  3. As I mentioned on the Board of the Living Lead I envy you the amount of space you have on your desk. Actually, your room does seem very neat and tidy. How long will it stay like that?

  4. Hah, I guess the desk really is tidy. I have to keep it that way when I got school work to be done and need more of the table. I don't want to make you feel bad, so I can tell you that all the shelves are dusty and next to the table, I got some foam, foamboard, styropor and some other stuff my mom keeps "asking" me to "put somewhere" :D

    Vampifan, I guess it will get messy as soon as I get to painting my buildings, I can't just put that away until its done. And all the time Im basing my figures there is sand everywhere (even after I clean it!) so everything crunches :D

  5. As mentioned yes, that is a nice and tidy work area. Looks like you've made the best use of your space.
    I always enjoy seeing people work areas, so thanks for sharing.

  6. Nice and tidy area, as they said above.

    It's a nice blog. Keep on with it! :)

  7. Thanks for the compliments guys...or I have to make it messy? :P