17 Apr 2012

The "horde" grows

I got to chill now, I am spoiling you! As discussed before, cutting time for video games really gets more done (if anyone had any doubts!). I haven't got my rulebook yesterday, so I hope it comes today. Unfortunately, today is the day in the week I am gone for whole day, so it might as well come tomorrow. I will post a review of the rules as I get them. Then you can expect some test AARs, plans for campaign and so on! I will be gone for whole month in May, but I expect my campaign to start some time mid summer.

/random blabbering off

Still not even "H" of a horde, but here are some shots of my new 3 zombies that I've painted:

To try new things, I went with "pale" compared to "rotten". Greenish zombies always looked kinda funny to me, but now, I prefer them over the "pale" ones. Will try mixing both colours with next batch, I guess.

So, to the pics:
 On the picture above are the newest 3 zeds. Still haven't came to painting the eyes, but I should at least leave them black next time. The scientist (and not a docotor!) on the left wears ugly "lucky" shirt. Seems it didn't work. I gave him black pants because I didn't want to give him any weird colur. Didn't come out too bad. I had to gave him extra blood stains as he didn't seem to have any wounds. The guy in the middle has bad blood stain on the face (I hoped it would turn out better), but he has quite nice yelow vest. I've build it from orange brown, started adding yellow, then a bit white for final highlight. The third guy is nothing special, random couch potato. He has a paper bag or something on his base, to add a little variation.
 Here is my unded sextet. Not much, but well, can you point me to 1 man, who had something before he got it? :P
 And the back side. Just to show you some of the stains. Doctor scientist has a head wound, but I guess it had to be a light one, if he still walks!
 HOOOORDE APPROACHING! Here you can see, side-by-side the pale and the rotting zombies.
 And again, this time, to also show you how two of the same torsos can look quite different with different paint, some conversion and other hand.

Down below are single shots of zombies for Shelldrake's campaign, if needed:

I must say I enjoy painting those zombies more and more. Especially because anything works! It can be pale, it can be rotten, it can be grey, it could be tanned...if you mess something you just put some blood over it and voila! The worse you paint it, the zombier it looks! :P
You can see I've add a little (too much) blood on the bases. I guess roads could get dirty with undead shambling around!

Thanks for checking!


  1. They look great the pale ones do look better than the green

  2. I, too, prefer the pale ones to the green ones, although I paint my ragers green.

  3. Nice job on these. I think the mixture of the two flesh types looks good, too. I always imagine Zombies to be in different stages of decomposition. Keep up the great work.

  4. Nicely done. I do love painting zombies because I allow myself to be sloppier. Often I do little more than a basecoat and a wash, followed by messing him up with blood. Blood stains are great for covering any errors you may have made during the painting.

    Keep them coming.

  5. Thanks guys!
    Heh, I must say that from up close, green looks better to me, but from far, it just looks silly, hehe. Will keep mixing them and see what happens.

    Adam, I don't use washes on those, I am trying myself at blending, or feathering or foundry method or whatever people call it. I am pretty proud of the skins, but clothes need more work :D

  6. Different stages of decay perhaps?

    It just takes one to be infected...Then it spreads.....

  7. They all look and mix well, I'd keep experimenting in small batches until you've got a skin tone that you're happy with.

  8. @Siwoc, exactly, the pale ones are in process of loosing their blood and the green ones are in early stages of decay :)

    @Zabadak Thank you. Yes, I'll keep doing that, they're zombies after all!

  9. This hordes grow with menacing speed!

    Good work! :D