15 Apr 2012

Zombie town needs a name!

Hello guys!

For starters, progress check:
- Yesterday I've started painting some zombies, now I am struggling with my motivation, after I finish the bases, I will DOUBLE the size of my "horde". Sounds like big stuff, eh? Well, not if you go from trio to sextet!
- I found out ordering Tamiya clear red costs much, considering the postage. Due to all that complications, I've mixed some red, black and gloss varnish. So far, varnish doesn't seem to show itself, so I might try and varnish over the "blood" to get that gory effect. I will show minies tomorrow or some other day.
- Got myself some dice, nothing spectacular, I hope rules will be here tomorrow, but probably on tuesday.
- No progress with the city, but hey, a man can't do it all over night!

The main reason I am writing is because I would like to hear your suggestions about naming my city. I don't like to think about it as a "city", it needs some personalisation, hehe.

There are no boundaries, but I would like it to be somewhat unique. Gravesend, Mayhem city and Outbreak city are thus ruled out. It would be nice to have something that is at least by far connected with zombie apocalypse. So no gaming in "Hamburg"! My campaign will be set in fictional country where they speak bad english, if that helps. If anyone has strong attack of imaginations and originality, we could work out the name for the country, too.

I, so far, only came to "Autumn", after listening to the podcast called (hold your breath!) (here it comes...) Autumn!

I like it because it has this idea of something bad aproaching...you know "Winter is coming!" simbolics. Not too original, I guess. And it is kind of neutral, I wouldn't like to name my city "Catastrophe" or "Doomity" :P

As for reward...unfortunately I can only offer you my eternal gratitude and warm feeling someone gets as he reminds himself there is a struggle of life and death going on in city he named.

I would also be more than happy, if there would be such wish, to include mini you, or mini-your-identity in campaign / city.

I have actually written all my plans for campaign, but I've decided to show that at latter date. After I will get the book and will see the limitations, I will post my idea of campaign. For now, let me just say that I am planning for something special ;).

Thanks for help in advance,



  1. It took me a long to cone up with a name for my "city" too, so far I've only got a workingtitle for it.
    How about Evergreen Fields, Paradise or Paradise Falls or something like that that is completely opposite what it will actually be ?

  2. I like Zabadak's idea. Twin Peaks

  3. Steady progress is still progress mate!

    Had the same bother coming up with a name. But here goes:
    Racoon City
    Hells Point

  4. I need to think of a good town name as well, so unfortunately no suggestions from me. I think I like normal but cool sounding names, rather than doom impending ones.

    As for Tamiya Red, I will suggest ebay. Normally, ebay is not the best place to look for items, but I believe there are many asian sellers who sell paints like Tamiya, with free shipping world wide. It is where I got mine.

  5. My suggestion is Hoffnung. It is German for hope, and gives your city a distinctive European flavour. If you want a purely English name, how about Promise?

  6. @Zabadak I was thinking something around "paradise" as well, but that song from Guns n roses kept coming on my mind and I had to sing (which isn't good :D). Evergreen fields actually sounds very nice. Like a nice warm summer resort. :) Thank you!
    @Brummie Sure...peaks :P Thanks for the idea, sounds "alpish" enough :P
    @Siwoc Thats a list, thanks! Where is a Racoon city familiar from?
    @Adam Maybe you can find a name here, I will try to use most of them, for companies and such. And thanks for the tip, will check it out when I get the chance.
    @Vampifan Thanks. I was thinking mostly english, but if anything sounds good enough, that might as well be. Promise is one of those, mentioned at Adam's reply...just the name for the medical corporation that is to blame for the outbreak!

  7. Racoon city is from RESIDENT EVIL ;-)

  8. You have potential like :
    - Jericho (for the Apocalypse relation)
    - Undyeburg (prononced Undie Burg, with some flamish character)
    - Purgatory city (in the line of Mayhem/Gravesend)
    - New Reborn (sounds more US)
    - Gomorra

  9. If you don't like Hamburg, how about Zomburg? ;o)

    Welcome to the city of Acheron!

    Population: 12 (alive), 4.372 (shuffling)

    “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”

    Whiteface / Oliver

  10. LOL @ Whiteface I can imagine the city sign now. Might borrow that idea!

  11. @Cedric Thanks for ideas, I especially like Jericho, always had this "mistical" sound to it. But thats history :P
    @Whiteface haha, I was just planning to do something like that. I imagined table "Welcome to [name of the city] population: 4,000 and then, few "days" after outbreak, I would cross the number and add "deceased" :P. Yours adds to the "comic factor", got to write that down :P

  12. Chapeltown is actually in the UK as well

  13. Charon? Charon City. Charonville?

  14. @Siwoc Now thats too...religious. Don't mean no offense to any believer, but that is honestly not my thing.
    @Fred Thanks for suggestions. Where does the idea come from?