22 Apr 2012

Playing the game!

Hello, after I had my roads built, I obviously had to play the game!

First, I picked supply run scenario, set it all up and quit playing it quite soon, way too complicated for my tired brains, lol. Then I went for "defend" scenario. Pretty basic, zombies came close to your stronghold, you have to kill them. Seems easy. I rolled to see how many zeds will attack the stronghold. Got 37 (no new would be generated), counted my zombies = 25. Yikes! I need to build more...badly. I just played with 25 then. I rolled random weapons for survivors, had a sniper, a rifle and two large caliber (Bad ass, whatever you want to call them) pistols.

Here is their last stand:
You can see surivors on top of the store and behind silver car on the parking lot:
 "Snipers" view...undead! So many! Oh my...
 Zacks closing in. You can see them clustering on the right, under the "rifle" girl...poor lost souls, unable to reach our heroes!
 Zombies reaching two survivors taking cover behind a car:
The horde, stretching arms towards some fresh braaaaains:
 The group two - only 1 zombie made it to the melee, sniper on the rooftop was of great assistance:

Got no more pictures, but the group on the ground ran around behind the store, climbed on truck and helped group on the rooftop kill the rest of the zeds - Mathyoo survived and won, yay!

I am slowly getting used to rules, acutally really simple once you get in. I need more survivors, here I rolled for weapons because all pistols becomes boring fast. REALLY need more zombies. So bad, I've ran and assembled some just after I've finished the game. And I need peace. I played on our dining table, which mean family members kept coming here mocking me about being a child...unaware of the fact, I am just training for the future, lol!

I will also leave my 6 zeds sculpts aside for now and will try to sculpt a fat and a strong guy from Mantic "left overs" (when you make a crawler you're left with legs and spine, which is much "meh", so I can use legs to build something else. Or something, considering my skills lol.

And I have to check Shelldrake's home rules again, twist them a bit and start using them to make zeds act as I think they should, being relentless and dumb....oh and attracted by gunfire, thats just too good to pass :P

Oh, talking about Shelldrake (I've written upper part of the post before I left this week)  - I found out I got unfollowed on your blog again...I am not sure what's the point, but I am following again now, lol.

I've also been to Vienna on "school trip" - I don't know how to call it to sound more mature, but we went to UN HQ Vienna and OSCE HQ...so that was all professional. Those were both okay, but the trip has payed itself back as I went checking the surroundings of hotel and found GK (or something) shop - I was hoping for some cheap cars (saw none...no cars at all), but I did got myself a shinny nice, big-potted X-27, or, the holy Tamiya Clear red. This big pot should last me for a while, so I've only picked one. Got to fix my zombie sextet tomorrow and should've paint moooooar! :D


  1. looking good so far. Also, instead of jumping in to a scenario right away, why not consider play testing each part of the rules to make sure you get them down pat.

    I.e. play out some gun play, then some melee etc until you get the hang of each section of the rules. Once you have done that, put them all together in a scenario.

    I have no idea what give with the 'following' I found I was in the same boat with a blog myself.

    Did your trip to the UN help show how useless it is? lol

  2. You can never have enough zombies. Think I have over 200 in 28mm. Think I have over done it a bit though. The only problem I have ever found with zombie rules is that none of them allow you to have enough zombies on the table.

    Shelldrake's advice about how to learn the rules is sound. Try a few short simple scenarios.

    If you were using 15mm you could run a game on your bed room table. But don't let me change your mind lol.

  3. Pretty cool dude. Get them painted! No how you feel have 13 zeds on the paint table at the moment

  4. Great to see you playing already. Good looking set up. What rules are you using? And I know what you mean with family members thinking miniature gaming is child's play.

  5. Sounds pretty good. Glad to see you using your scenery for a game.

  6. Good setup! And nice to finally get some playing time eh?

  7. @ Shelldrake That really isn't too bad of and idea, it would speed up the game, hehe. About the UN and OSCE...I still don't know how they get anything done, to be honest, hehe

    @ Fred I've decided for 28mm because, especially survivors, have more character to them. It seemed as a better choice for campaign play and all :)

    @ Brummie I will try and get some survivors done. Got 6 with pistols at the moment (just got the missing one from my blister :P), then I got 12 WGF zombies and 13 from mantic. But those need some GS to look a bit more modern. I was chopping them few days back and lost someone's hand, it got catapulted somewhere. Now I will have 2 one-handed cripples :( (I made one just before I lost that hand!)

    @ Adam I am using Iron Ivan Games' No more room in hell. They're very simple, but not bad at all. Its the same book Shelldrake uses for his PBB campaign.

    @ Joe Thanks! Had to use it ASAP :D

    @ Siwoc Thank you. And it is, but I wouldn't mind having it all painted for the campaign. I guess I won't start if before the autumn. Need additional buildings, too!

  8. Terrain looks good so far, should be excellent when finished.