7 Apr 2012

WIP box store

 Hello everyone!

Got quite a few things to say today, mostly because when I was thinking about what to show, everything seems so small that I figured I might as well say some more.

Can't figure of a better start than the "bad" news...I couldn't make any use of 20% discount Ainsty casting offers at the moment due to paypal-only policy. The thing is I have to ask a friend of mine for that and I was unable to do it. I'd really need to get one of my own, but that seems kinda useless until I get a job, heh. When I come home in June (I'll be unavailable trough whole of May), I really must find something, bwah. I did, however, managed to order No more room in hell from Iron Ivan games'. I've also ordered some flowers for future projects. I, of course, forgot to buy green static grass, as I only got the arid one...it's a minor problem and I wouldn't be me, If everything would go as planned :P. The other bad thing is, rulebook will probably be combined with the tools im waiting for more than a month now...so I don't expect them any time soon. Oh, I could mention I HARDLY resisted not buying the pulp rules (I will play Mummy and Indiana Jones games eventually!) and WW1 rules (I am just in process of writing a diploma on tactics of german stormtroopers of WW1). But honestly, I've just started zombie project, and I will jump in pulp once I get myself a zombie town, zombie horde, zombie surviors and zombie campaign started :P.

Getting rules late is not too bad, because I have to gather a courage and drive to Ljubljana's centre, visit my WGS and buy some D10's.

So, we could say I got the rulebook and dices covered, at least partially. Will cover about the rest once I get the rulebook itself.

Next, I need something to play on, right? I am still debating in favor of 1"x1" semi-modular boards for my board or one big 3x3 wooden piece for my board. The former would cost me more (I'd just use my 30x30cm cork tiles), but I imagine roads and some sidewalks could look nice on it. It would end up in greater uniformity of boards, something like vampifan has, but a bit lesser cool, because I'd paint it myself. The problem is, roads would be made of sand, and then I'd add some card or something for the sidewalks. It would be best to just use another layer of cork and that leaves me with a decision...do I just make a sidewalk by the roads and leave the rest of the table on one tile height, or should I make every other tile as high as a sidewalk? I think I'd only make sidewalks higher, because doing otherwise would make it literally twice as expensive. And I don't think it could look too bad. Then agian, if I go with one big 3x3 piece, storage becomes a problem, playing bigger games on bigger tables becomes a problem, roads would be even higher above the ground, as they'd be separate etc. But it gives even bigger chance to build the table as I'd want. Here, I could put road diagonally while in first example, I'd have to use extra tiles to make diagonal ones that I could use. I would really ask you for your opinion here, but I am more with the first concept.

So, counting we "got" the board, next I'd need is something to put on. I've finally managed to sit down and made another WIP building - a box store.

It is basically just a shell, again. But I have decided that's enough of buildings and I want to finish those before I build any more. Mostly becasue I am afraid I'd be dug in with half-finished buildings so deep, I wouldn't have the interest in finishing them. Maybe I won't paint them yet, but it'd be nice to build them more or less to the detail.

So, about the store. It is 20x20 cm box.
On picture below, you can see the entrance. I didn't model any windows, but there would be some ads on the outside walls. The idea is to make slide doors, but might as well be as it is. Imagine a big board with a name and we could call it done.

The second picture shows the back of the store. I've made a supply dock, with two openings for trucks. As there is no real dock it looks kind of silly when you put a truck next to it, but well, just call it a storage garrage then, hehe. You can see I accidentally (was watching young indiana jones :P) cut too much of one railing on the roof. I'll make a ladder and have an access to the rooftop from there.
Next picture shows you the interior of the store. Naturally, suddenly it seems kind of small (compared to my drawings, walls take their place :( ), but what I need there is another wall to separate store from storage and some removable shelves with goods. Will have to improvise on that now that space is somewhat limited. And don't ask me how I'll do the shelves...god knows :D

Here is a little diorama I've put together to show you the progress with all assembled zombies and survivors I currently posses. I should really build more of my Mantic zombies, but then again, I might as well paint what I got build first. Here you can see all stages of the miniatures, from assembled, past slottas filled and sanded to painted.

 Oh my! Survivors got over run! Alpha male covered the retreat of 4 eye-blinding beauties and they're returning the favor - covering him while he jumps off the roof on bus and to the safety of terra firma.
 Close up on the "horde"
Close up on crawler fellow. You can see I've chopped his hand on two places and pinned it. Got to fill the holes with GS and once painted, will look like he's pulling himself closer to the BRAINS.....or at least that was the plan.

For the end, here are some zombies for Shelldrake's Play by blog game:

As usual, thanks for taking time to read and if you celebrate, I wish you a happy easter!


  1. Well, you've certainly been busy. Most of your stuff is just work in progress so I'll refrain from commenting for the moment but I wish you well in all your projects. So much to do and never enough time is a problem we all face. Yes, me included!

    Happy Easter, Mathyoo!

  2. Not as busy as i'd want to, to be honest. Still a slave to a computer, I am afraid. Got to fix that, because, well, you're right. It really is a hobby for a life time, hehe.
    Thank you, and you know, you too :)

  3. You do not have any d10? If that is a problem I can ship some of my surplus of them to you if you want them mate? How many do you need?

    The horde is shambling along nicely....

    Happy easter mate!

  4. Happy Easter dude, The building loosk great. know the feeling well my LOTR Dwarf army is my guilty secret. Don't worry about the time a project takes my plans started last year and I only paint my first two zombies these recent weeks. Terrain is still yet to be made. So Chill and you will get there eventually there is no rush what so ever

  5. I reall like how your buildings are coming along, great job.
    I'm trying to stay focused on zombies as well though sometimes I get distracted by figures for possible knights or sci projects

    Have a great Easter

  6. Great building - I may have to borrow your design for myself, as I need more buildings for my zombie game.

    Don't stress over the progress of the collection - keep at it and is starts to happen.

    This is one reason I do the 'play by blog' games - it lets me play even though I don't have enough scenery.

    And I found if I don't turn the PC on that I get more painted etc. I turn it on to check email/blogs/forums and then turn it off again until late in the day.

    It turned my painting etc from zero to high gear.

  7. Your zombies look very nice, and I like that horde shot. Cool building, I'm looking forward to seeing more of it as you progress.

  8. Hey Mathyoo, take heart, it all takes time to get a project upand running, especially when you're starting from scrathc. I've been at it for over six months now, but when I started i gave myself a 12 mont deadline before planning for the my game.
    You're making great progress.

  9. @Siwoc Nah, none, couldn't find them anywhere, except in those D&D packs. So, if you really got any spare and it really isn't a big deal, I'd be more than glad if you could send some over. Thank you. Don't know how much I need, though got to ask Brummie or Shelldrake, hehe.

    @Brummie Well, if its good for you, has to be good enough for me :P. I really think I just need one TAG order and I should be good for a while, concerning the miniatures. I am listening already how I've "just ordered" from the lady...but hey, rules ain't miniatures :(

    @Adam Thank you. And exactly! I am glad money is such a problem, because otherwise I'd have some WH fantasy and 40k here, some infinity and so on, and I hardly even find time to play FOW lately.

    @Shelldrake You go do that. Surely cork has its downsides, but in general, I think it is quite nice material to work with. It is a bit rough, so to say, but so far, it got things done. PC is a distracting factor no. 1 for sure :)

    @Joe Thank you, will aim to get them done by the end of the month (minus painting), maybe a deadline will help me with that :)

    @Zabadak Sometimes I really feel I shouldn't want it all at once. And I guess its like workout, when you really get in, you can't get out. What I'd do if everything would be done already, eh? :P You don't plan to play with things unpainted? Just so, to feel the rules?

  10. I could send 8 dice to you if you want?

    1. Please!
      Sent you a PM on The board :)

  11. Looking good! I've got that stretch bus too by the way. Best Pound Shop Find. Ever.

    1. I agree, lol. I had to pick up 2 and was thinking about getting third, but that would be just too much :D

  12. I really like your building, and the miniature aren't bad too! :D