12 Apr 2012

Some more WIP!


I have figured, I mostly show some work done on my weekend posts and I mostly just talk nonsense on my week posts. Thats mostly because I have more work to do the first few days in the week and theres practically nothing to show.

What I did since I posted last time, however is:
- Painted 2 AT rifles and one sniper for my FOW force. Sniper is actually a "dummy", because I didn't got around buying any. And that makes more sense. Herr sniper would never show himzelf in ze face of ze enemiez!
- Went shopping a bit. Got myself some wire for sculpting (Still planning on sculpting "team Zombie wargamers" :P), got myself some flowers, forgot to buy green static grass (got the arid one from my FOW desert project, but that isn't good enough), also got a sieve (will try to follow the guide Zombie Ad posted. Got my own sieve from a start, so his guide has already been helpful!). Last few things were some thick hardboard for the roofs of my buildings and some air-hardening clay for some random sculpting. I was thinking some furniture and such.

Oooh, and I got myself some cork tiles, for the city. Now that I got them, I am thinking 4mm thick (compared to 3.2 I got) would be better. But this way, I can mix it with the one I use for my buildings. If it will be all too fragile, I will probably go and get 1x1 meter wood board and will just make a frame to put those cork tiles in. The idea is, that I will get some "vampifanish" modularity out of the board.

Here is a little plan I made:
 Again, for those that don't know yet, I will be using cork tiles, 30x30 cm (a bit smaller than 1x1 feet). So, nine tiles = 3x3 and I could make table as large as I'd want. In theory, at least.
To the plans. You can see on picture above, I made some rough sketches. I made a check-board, one little square is 5x5 cm. Roads would be 5 cm wide for a lane, which is enough for an ordinary car, but a bit too small for my two big buses. I won't be adding any extra centimeter just for the buses, tho. Using 5 centimeter multiples gives me nice simetry and thats exactly 2 slotta bases wide, so I think it should work okay. The crossed areas are sidewalks.  On the picture above, we got road leading from bottom left corner, sticking to the left, ending at top right. If we say bottom left is number one, and top right is number nine, we got:
1 = road with a bus stop. Primarly, I wanted those to be parkings (like in the city close to me, should take some pictures next time Im there), but bus is 30 cm long, so that had to be a bus stop, hehe.  On square right to it, square two, we got apartment block I built. I would have to model some extra random stuff to fill the area around it, some vegetation of a sort. Square three has the two little apartment buildings I also made, with a one-lane road leading to them and some parking slots for the residents. On middle row, from left to right, we have road with parking area, parking space for apartment block / box store and the store itself. I need to build me some "LuckyJoe fences" to add to the enviroment. I couldnt find the mesh he uses anywhere as of yet, sadly.  On top row, we got a corner road, always useful, a road with drive in and drive out for parking lot and a T crossroads.
 What I did then (and before building pattern one), was grab all the papers and mix them, pulling out one by one and just putting them together - childish fun! So, now we got, from squares 1 to 9, again, road with parking slot, turn "up", apartment block, road, running across the board, with bus stop on the left and parking  drive-ins on the right. Top row, we got apartment block, box store and parking lot.
And another configuration, this time not using the drive-ins with parking lot,  just to make sure It can still make sense, haha. So, from 1 to 9: We got the drive ins turn around, leading on the board, we got parking lot for store / apartment block, road section, store itself (note the delivery road south of the store, connected to lane for residents of the little buildings), and some more road up top.

Seeing the plans, I've decided I will either make T-junction for access to parking lot, or put the in- and out-lanes further appart. So I will be able to put this next to 2 apartments as if those are private lanes each of the buildings. I will not make bus stop yet, but I will probably make some parking slots next to the roads, for sake of variety. Will draw that on my 30x30 cm paper to see how it looks in person, before I get to cutting cork. I also have to figure what I will do with one sided lanes and how many roads I will do with places to attach them to those lanes.

 After I will get basic nine tiles done, which should be good enough for a while, I will add grassed patches, a tile that will expand (or shrink) road to 4 lanes (two in each directions) and complementary, some 4 lanes roads. Don't know how I'd do that, to be honest. I'd still like to keep the sidewalks, but I think such a big road would need phisical barrier  between the two sides. Might as well drop the sidewalks and call it a highway, hehe.

Well, for the end, just a few pictures of my progress with sculpts. I wanted to call their bodies done, but I REALLY have to make them bulkier, as it irritates me.  Most of them are still only good to be zombified teenagers, I am afraid.

The three guys that kindly volunteered to let me sculpt them from scratch (except the little piece of sprue that  their limbs grow out from, but that doesn't really count!): And no, not looking towards sculpting heads and hands :(

The three guys that got their heads from WGF smallest heads. They were all bare, but I've decided they deserve better. The patient one is...should be a lady, the middle guy is nothing special, the third guy has a baseball hat, because you are not a man without one!

Girl's splendid pony tail, a true lady is always glamorous!
 A scale picture, just to show you how slim those guys are. Will try to fix that, but again, they will still end up smaller. You can see Mantic zed is pretty heroic. Got to orded that .50 cal when I get around to TAG's site, need mooooar firepower!

Oh, one more thing, I play games very rarely lately, just at nights, hehe. Good thing my computer is kinda slow and they're not much of a pleasure. I do read a lot for my diploma, as I've mentioned before. And I really want to play some trench raids....ah...eventually!

And another one! My rules have been sent! Still no sculpting tools, tho. I am waiting for 2 months now. That is what you get if you order "out of stock at supplier" item and don't think too much.

I also got to thank one more time to Lord Siwoc for sending me the dices. It may sound like a small thing, but It reaaaally helps, I hate city centre.  I am actually so moved, that I want to make you a great personality in the unnamed city (got to fix that, too -.-). We can put you on a billboard (running for the local elections or just being a movie star? X-factor winner, maybe? :P), name a business after you or something :P.

Well, let that finally be it for today.

Thanks for taking time to read,



  1. Nice addition to the Horde with those sculpts. The modular tile sounds good especially being able to change the Layout. Plus you can add more tiles at a later date and increase the size of the playing area

  2. Mathyoo, your first sculpts look a lot better than my first sculpts, so don't be too disheartened by them. Keep on practicing and you will get better.

    Modular tiles are definitely the way to go. As Brummie says, you can always add more later. It's good to see that you're planning things beforehand before actually making your tiles. You're on the right track, so keep up with the good work.

  3. The sculpts are looking good, I am jealous of people who have the talent to sculpt their own miniatures.

    Your city plan is looking good, and I look forward to seeing Siwoc running for local politician.

  4. @Brummie Thank you, and I agree on the tiles, hopefuly it will end up as good as planned :)
    @Vampifan Thank you, I work on them less than usual lately, but once Im done with them, things should start to go faster again, hehe.
    @Adam Thanks! You should try it, at least some conversions. Best to get some WGF plastics and start adding some cloths and such, then on to the mini Adam and family :P.

  5. Mathyoo, I love your sculpts and can't wait to see the finished product in all its painted glory ! I too am intending to make a modular board city but I'll be using 600mm squares (I have the space)but that's a long way off yet, goodluck with your's !

    1. Hmm, something wrong with the blog. I wrote the comment but it didn't post.

      Thanks for compliments! I went on and made heads for three headless guys, but lost one (don't ask -.-). They look...weird, at best, but oh well, they are zeds after all :P. I have to speed up, so I can start working on the bloggers for the campaign, hehe.

      How would you play 3x3 feet board with such tiles? Just not use the surrounding? That actually sounds quite viable, you could quarantene playing area :D

  6. nO WAY WOULD i EVER BE ON X-FACTOR!!! Hehe...

    Lord Siwoc....For a better place. Has a nice ring to it if I should run for Presi...Erm.. Mayor!

    I like how organized you are when planning your city!

    1. Maybe something like "Lord Siwoc as JOHNNY MARBO - bad to the bone" :D
      That would go nicely with your current photo lol

      And thank you ;)

    2. Mwahahahaaah!!!! Brilliant!!!