14 Mar 2012

Concept "art"

Hello everyone!

On monday morning, while walking to my faculty day dreaming (you know, the usual), I was mostly thinking about what survivors would I try to sculpt. I got this great fluff idea and after few minutes of drawing during classes, I've came up with 4 ideas I'll show you below.

But first, I want to make few things clear. No. 1, all 4 guys are based on the information provided on the blog spot, most of the fluff is made up or twisted. If anyone of feels offended, please let me know and I will remove / edit the text or the pictures. No. 2 I've picked my "models" because those are only 4 I saw pictures of. Mostly of heads, so the rest is all just what felt right. And no. 3, this whole might-be project is meant as a compliment. And lastly, keep in mind I am no trained ilustrator :D.

So, now that I've scared myself a bit, what do we got?

I've drawn them on 2 pieces of paper, because I drawn last hero two times. I was not happy with first attempt and I am not happy with this one, so sorry hopefuly-you-can-recognize-yourself. And scale-wise, they're just drawn bad, keep that in mind too.

So, from left to right, shall we?
First, we got Sailor Joe. With a full house back home and chaos it brings, zombie apocalipse and an anarchy it brings is like a joke to him. He proudly wears his NAVY T-shirt from ol'days and his sailor hat. As much as you'd want it, his choice of weapon is not some girly crossbow, but a heavy anchor. Just make sure where you swing it, sailor, you could pop someone's eye with that thing! (you see what I did there? :P)
Standing beautiful next to him is a Motormouth Matthew, wearing a baseball cap and a backpack, as usual. His choice of weapon is WW1 style truncheon, read stick with nails. Might not be the most useful weapon to fight of zombie hordes, but looks cool. Going down with style!
Third in a line is Renegade Joe. I was slowly running out of ideas, so what he wears is a gun-for-hire trenchcoat and shades. The breaker of the women hearts, he said to be so smokin', dead ladies get back on their feet. Renegade here, is defending from his fans with double 9mm.
Fourth survivor is Badass Bryan. I should really think better about him. First version was armed with a shotgun and a pistol, but I went for english(er) approach. Gentleman, as you can see on the picture, is armed with a deadly english umbrella and a cup of tea. Those hordes will have to wait until fafter five, to get what they deserve!

That is it for today. When I was thinking about it, it seemed a bit cooler, lol. Again, no offense intended. I was seriously thinking about fixing them, giving everyone a firearm and a melee weapon or something, and add another survivor or two. I've heard Serious Simon is holding out somewhere, too :P. I must say I really enjoy the idea of "Team Bloggers" or something, for a campaign, hehe.

And I might add, I won't be around for a week now, I'll go check if London is really as nice as people say it is, hehe.

Thanks for taking time to read trough it all, I am really trying to tell the things on short!


  1. Ha, ha, it's not hard to spot which one is based on me. I must admit, I wished you stuck with the shotgun and pistol option, as I never drink tea (or coffee) and I have never owned an umbrella. Your ideas of a sterotypical English gentleman had me smiling broadly, mainly because nothing could be further from the truth for me. Still I congratulate you on my choice of T-shirt, glasses and lack of hair!

    I'm guessing that Sailor Joe is based on Lucky Joe and that Motormouth Matthew is your own alter ego. But who is Renegade Joe meant to represent? Anyway, I think they're wonderful drawings and trust me, I'm not offended in the least!

  2. I didn't want you to be too well armed, that would leave not-me and not-luckyjoe outgunned, lol. Good to know I managed to fail with both "weapons". Got to fix that! Can't tell you who the second Joe is yet, but I can tell you I've made him look at least half younger, it seems :D.

    1. If you're going to change the weapons on my character, can I ask for a katana? I do own one in real life, so it is something I would use if ever the zombie apocalypse became a reality.

      I'm now even more curious as to who Renegade Joe is.

  3. LOL. I love the anchor. Thanks for including me. But I hate that type of Sailor hat. They always fall off, get dirty, and don't provide much sun protection, but they can look cool with the CrackerJacks. I usually wore a ship's ballcap. Pop-eye reference was funny as hell :). I like your truncheon. That would work and would be a good back-up weapon, and easy to replace. I like the take on Vampifan. "Pip pip, cheerio, what?" ;) But I'm thinking a katana is probably a lot more accurate. I'm thinking Renegade Joe is Zabadak.

    1. I think you're right about Joe/Zabadak, LJ. I'm kicking myself for not getting that one. He'll be over the moon when he sees your version of him, Mathyoo. More so when he reads his back story!

  4. Yes, the other Joe was meant to be Zabadak, it is hard to make one just from a face :P.
    I'm glad you guys like those. Will make sure that umbrella becomes a katana. And I saw you talking how you never met your followers, so if we ever make a gathering, make sure it's at your house, I want to touch that sword, lol.
    Joe, I must say that I was aiming for baseball hat, but figured not-me'd have it and that sailor hat is much more...well, marine :p.

    I should probably ask you, Bryan, as a professional for some concept sketches, if you'd have time and will to help me out, I think it would be much easier if to (try to) sculpt what you draw than what I draw, at least for some 3D effect.

    And got to ask Brummie and lord Siwoc for the pictures now, hehe :D

    1. Mathyoo, it is years since I did any artwork, but I'll see what I can do for you if I have a spare hour to kill. You absolutely must include Simon/Brummie and Johnny/Lord Siwoc in this group. By the way, if you trawl through Lord Siwoc's old posts you'll find a few photos of him. Simon remains a man of mystery to us all.

    2. To be honest, I wouldn't want to let anyone out, but at my current skills, I wouldn't want to promise too much. Yet, I still believe every zombie blogger deserves a mini-himself :P

      Maybe I should start with simple conversions. I think I could add katana to miniature you choose for yourself, for example, and it would still look good, hehe.

      Don't worry, we will model Brummie to look like Cezar and we shouldn't hit too far, considering his avatar mini :P

  5. hehe, renegade Joe, I like it.
    I'm in good company too; its not actually a bad likenes for me about 6 months ago.

    You've got too much spare time on your hands Mathyoo !

    1. I'm glad you do!

      And about time, what else could I do at that time? :P

  6. Sounds cool. looking forward to hearing more about them

    1. Ah, missed you for a minute, heh.
      And I'll give you "them", I'd love to include you, because whole project did came as an idea to pay some kind of tribute to you guys that keep motivating me here. But I have no clue what you look like, so, give me a hint, heh.

      Then I'll have to make some more drawings and then I'll probably just be sculpting util I get not-us done. Can't think of a better campaign team at the moment :D

  7. This is quite a project mate!

    I have actually found a mini me. Soon to be shown of in a battlereport on my blog.

    But it could be cool to see how others see me.

  8. I keep giggling when I think of Joe swinging an anchor around, taking out zeds en masse.

  9. Hello!
    Any interest in sculpting a Lemmy survivor?
    If I ask enough people surely someone will do it...

  10. I'm glad you liked it Russ :D

    And sorry jp, but I think you're overestimating me at the moment. If we're talking about Motorhead Lemmy, check around for bikers, I'm sure there has to be one looking like him if you use the right paints. Thanks for the offer tho :)