28 Mar 2012

What's next?


I haven't been prodcutive much, regarding the wargaming and I hope I will change this now.
I got my face colours and white primer yesterday, so I will start painting some zombies.

I've decided on white primer as I wanted it white to make colours somewhat bright. I've also got vallejo's bottled primer, that you apply with a brush. I've read so much about various spray primers, I've just decided to go "on foot".

I will paint 3 zeds at a time, to get variety of skintones until I could find "the one" and to paint no more than 3 zombies with same combination of colours, to make an overall variety.  The problem is, i only got few "normal" colors, the rest are earthy tones and other cammouflage. I will probably mix them up a bit, just too feel special :P.

I have also decided on my ruleset. I will go with Iron Ivan's No more room in hell. Brummie is my personal hero so if its good enough for him, its good enough for me :D. After I get the rules, I will also check Shelldrake's house rules too see what fits. And with the money I save on buying one book, I can easily afford most of the FOW matilda tanks that I will probably play.

As I only got 5 females with pistols, as far at the living go, I will probably order some survivors from TAG. I haven't yet decided, but I was looking for SWAT figures and some african militants with bolt rifles, pistols, smgs and such. I will probably get my army forces from Eureka's french line. They're what I found to be the closest miniature of Slovenian soldier.

As for the zeds themself, I am just basing them, as I forgot to do it earlier. As I've decided showing zeds with standing in a sandbox isn't too interesting, I haven't really bothered taking the pictures. I wanted to post some other picture, but there is something wrong with the blogger and it doesnt work....well, I'll save it for the next time!

Thanks for reading and hopefully, I'll have the undead horrors painted by saturday or sunday!


  1. thanks Mathyoo thats quite a compliment :D. If your going for TAG check out the Delta force in Plain clothes and the Russian Mafia with AKSU74 come to think of it the SAS with the right paintjob would work well.

  2. I almost exclusively use white primer at this point. I just find it is far easier to paint on top of when compared to black. Especially trickier colours like red and yellow.

    I'm interested to see how the rules work out for you. Keep things coming.

  3. Wow Brummie has a stalker, I mean fan. hehehehe

    Mathyoo - if you have any questions on my house rules please feel free to post a comment on my blog and I will get back to you ASAP.

  4. @Brummie good picks, thanks. that shotgun delta in civilian clothes is awesome, lol.
    @Adam Thank you, and I've primed my fow things with plain black paint and it surely looks good, but paint aint primer and had big problems with chipping. I'll see how the white works. You leave face white or paint black and then skin?
    @Shelldrake sure he has, I think it must be a nickname, because I always imagine a teddy bear. But now that I googled it...hmm :D

    And thanks, will do ;)

    1. LOL What did google say?

      Brummie was a game alias I used to use for various games. 'A Brummie' is someone who comes from Birmingham (City where I live) Bit like Cockney for someone from London

  5. Haha, nothing much, Brummie is someone who comes from Birmingham and it's also a dialect that nobody like. Wikipedia says its actually so bad, that in some research, people said that by being quiet people appear smarter than if they're talking brummie :D. Then I followed a link to "Learn to speak brummie" and that was fun.

    Now I better "trap" before you get all "yampi" :D