11 Mar 2012

(Not much of) an update

Hello again guys!

I don't have much to show you regarding my zombie gaming, and I saw on other blogs people like too see something else now and then too, so today, I've took some pictures of my FOW stuff.

I've also decided, I will probably postpone purchase of ATZ trilogy, because it is simply too expensive at the moment (and Im reconsidering buying some matildas for FOW, as I don't have an Early war period army yet :P). Not knowing what to buy is eating me up, honestly, but I guess that is every gamer's problem.

So, firstly, here are some pictures of progress on my sculpts. It doesn't seem like much has changed, but believe me when I tell you, I've spent quite some time doing that.  Maybe I understood "a little blob of putty" wrong and Im putting up too little blobs, because I got this strange feeling nothing has changed! To fix that, I've sculpted some "clothes" on my first two minies, to make me feel better. And I won't do any armatures from sprue anymore, because they ain't good enough. And I should spend more time on measurments (I used my eye and "good judgment" for the lenght of the legs and torsos on those :D). I will finish them, because I've read sculptor should finish every miniature he starts, just to practice. And I agree with that 100%, so if I planned on making zeds and I will get some teenage zombies, thats what I'll have. As much as I want to sculpt SAS black kit entry team, I will probably buy some weapons with TAG order and try myself at sculpting some survivors first. Could have me done as a present to myself for a christmas, lol!

Here are the greens so far:

There you have them, all lined up:
 A close up on the first two. Keep in mind I got one leg on each one stage before the other.
And a close up on the rest, same progress with legs. Still not sure what to do with torsos. As you can see proportions are somewhat bad but well, got to make some mistakes if you want to learn from them, no?
Talking of mistakes, as you can see, I've based them on a foamcore. Dont do that. Water ruins it and its just bad. I had no cork plugs and cork I build my terrain from wasnt working the way I wanted.

As for FOW, currently I got US paras, US armoured recon and german pioneers. I haven't played much with the pioneers yet, but I really love the idea of them. Keep in mind im a lousy gamer, so I keep losing, but they're just sooo cool. As you will be able to see on the pictures, I am also not much of a painter, but I am proud of all the ideas I had, hah.

Here, I've set you some of most interesting pieces of my army.
In top row, we got pioneer supply wagon. its a horse drawn wagon and thats just nice. Next to it is company commander with his german sheppard and some dead adversaries around him. Next to him is captured KV-1e tank. You can see I left wheeles in green, dont know how realistic that is, but I wanted to make it look as if it was overpainted quickly so it could be used in battle as soon as possible.
In the bottom row I've set some of my pioneer teams. I love the models. They're moddeled as if they're assaulting in the ruins of Stalingrad. There is someting about german assault pioneers that attracts me. I admire them so much, I'm devoting my diploma to stromtroopers from WW1, if I may bragg a bit.
First stand is a flamethrower team hidden behind a wall that says something that should be (not a german speaker, that was translated for me :P) "Ivan, we're coming to get you!". Second stand is another flamethrower team, it is supposed to show flamethrower in use during an assault, so I've added a fallen soviet soldier which I modeled some flames on. The flames' colours provide a nice contrats to otherwise dark bases. My friend said they look too dark, like half-done. I made them that way to somewhat represent the grim reality of a city-fight. Almost every stand has some dead soviet laying around, as if the assault would be happening as we speak. Third stand has germans advancing with a soviet soldier rushing from corner just to get himself stopped dead. Fourth stand is just a HMG stand, nothing special here.
 A close up on a flamethrower team. Germans were painted with base colour and just washed. I am actually afraid of drybrushing them with some warmer colours as I don't want to ruin them.
 and a close up on the third stand. You can see on german throwing a grenade while other covers him and to the right, there is one with a hand grenade ready and covered by german soldier that just shot the soviet.

So, from the rubbles of once mighty city, here is an american patriotic jeep. That flag is one of my first greenstuffing attempt and if I'm correct my first free-hand attempt. Looks quite nicely...nothing like the mould line on the driver's helmet *blush*.

 Here are some american combat engineers. Yes, I've got engineers in every army I play. Not that they're over useful, but I just like the idea of the engineers. The jeep I've shown you on top actually belongs to them.  They're painted for Africa, as Im using my cavalry recon for North Afrika battles. I've made them so they make a semi-diorama when bases are put together.
And for the end, here is a picute of my paratroopers. They're my first FOW army and my first gaming army. They're based for Africa, as that  was what we were playing when I started, but I only use them for late-war games now. So, D-day and on. I've kept sandy bases so I can use them with rest of my american troops. If anyone is bothered by the bases, you could always imagine those are the 82nd' troops that missed D-day because they were busy on the beaches of Anzio.

I will probably have nothing nice to show you in wednesday, so you might prepare yourself for blabbering about miniatures I'd want to buy to represent this or that...or something.

Oh and I think I will still invest more money in zombies, to be honest...decision decisions :(


  1. It is the dilemma of gamers everywhere - so much they want to buy and never enough money. Then if they do get what they wanted they face the next dilemma - finding the time to paint their new goodies. It's a tough life being a gamer, eh?

  2. Ha I'll second Bryan's comment there is absolutley loads of different projects I would start if I could.

    The greens looks good as they are gonna be zombies they don't have to look perfect as you can always cover up rough bits as being damage. I totally envy you even attempting sculpting on this scale. I've tried many time todo small things and didn't realise how hard it is.

    You FoW looks good. I'm tempted to do 15mm at some point just don't know what yet

  3. Yes, I think my biggest problem is I want to do it all at once, heh...and got to agree, it is hard...so much decisions have to be made! :D

    And again, blogging shows its power, as I feel like sculpting a bit today. Then I should really go back to the city building :)

    For 15mm, Im only playing FOW atm and I its really great. There was jsut new edition issiued after 6 years or so, and its mostly for better. Some people here are staring some napoleonics in 15, but I wanted to do soemthing different and went for 28mm everyone is running away from in our gaming club :D

  4. Hey Mathyoo, you're finding the same dilemmas as the rest of us, so much you want to do and never enough time to do it all !
    I love the progress on your green sculpts, I've tried and failed many times with the wretched stuff ! - Very envious

    1. I am pretty sure "practice" is when you keep trying. Can't fail forever! :)

  5. I know what you mean about the limitations we have as gamers. So much great stuff out there and cool ideas that pop up. Never enough time or money. :) I really like the progress on your sculpts. You do learn from mistakes, and I don't think I'll come near as good as you on these. The FOW stuff looks great. That's another of those games I'd love to try.

  6. Thanks Joe! I really have to work on them once I get back, today I got such a great idea for new sculpts I'll just die if I won't be able to sculpt those half-decently. Will show you in wednesday post ;)