25 Jan 2014

More zombies! Aaargh!

Hey guys,

even more zombies to show today. Same again, 2 male zombies from Studio Miniatures plastics and two female zombies from Wargames factory (okay, it's one and a half). 
Not much to say, they are all straight from the box (and probably last one like that, as I'm already converting some, more on that in one of the next posts!). I went for "formal" black and white colours. I've also put in another jeans as all I do is blue wash over white. I think lots of zombies will have jeans, which is odd as I don't own a single pair of those myself.

So, there is my least favorite sculpt there, the fit half naked male zombie and your ordinary office Joe. That has red on him and looks like someone everyone should know. There is simply no other way to paint a guy in a shirt and a tie.

Female zombies are a bit more interesting, one is a crawler and the other one is an office lady. Her right sleeve was actually painted on, as I've somehow glued a bare arm there. I got no idea, how I didn't notice that. It looks fine, however.
I've decided to put some extra blood on her for two reasons. First, Tamiya Clear Red is probably the single reason I enjoy painting zombies over painting anything else. And second, I figured it would look cool - is that a "smart" zombie, using an improvised weapon or the blood is old this woman was bashing skulls with her yesterday-so-important paperwork? Who'd knew!

In the background you can see some dollies as my moderns project is slowly gaining steam again.

Really nothing else I could say. I got a FOW tournament tomorrow. It should be a blast as I got my favorite army ready. It's not competitive and I haven't played in months but it has pionieres and Stugs, so I got that going for me! Can't promise any photos, but I just might take the camera with me for a change.

Thanks for looking,

15 Jan 2014


 Hello guys,

I was hoping I would post earlier, but I really didn't want to put in another filler post, so I have decided I would rather wait until I finish painting the four zombies (that took me way too long to paint).

What I am doing now is painting a couple of WGF Vixens and a couple of SM male zombies (thanks again Bryan :P) - so 4 zombies at a time. This will give me nice variety of male and female zombies and I will actually have something painted. Or at least that is the plan.

I went for red here, which is the worst colour you can paint your zombies in. No blood is visible! Then again, I picked red because of the bay watch zombie (that sucks).

 Not much to say, they are painted horribly, but I am happy I managed to finish them at least. They seem too red when they are together, but once they will be mixed with the rest of the "horde", that shouldn't be as visible. I went for missing arm on the Pamela there, as I would hate it even more if she'd be in a super man pose. The miniatures aren't too bad, honestly, very nicely sculpted. What I don't like is the shallow detail and limited options, so I have to admit the old WGF set is still my favorite. The sculpts are way worse there, but I somehow prefer them to any other plastic zombies I've seen so far. I might want to mention I like how WGF is listening to the comments, first they made females everyone wanted and when doing survivors, they've put a fat one in (is that offensive?). I don't like to have all models in my zombie horde.
One thing I didn't do was convert any, I'm pretty sure I've hit rock bottom on my hobby enthusiasm and I am pretty sure I will buy some cheap 6-10mm miniatures to get me back in, give me sometihng I haven't yet tried to try. I really can't decide on the period, so please do suggest some. I am currently inter debating between late romans (remember roman wall and that battle I was talking about?), WW1 (always wanted to do something about WW1 :D), cold war gone hot (pre-abrams, way more interesting. T-72 was a great tank once in the past!), sci-fi. I don't really expect to game with it, but I would like to do something. Something is fun :D. Now I just can't decide if massive red tide would look better than ranks of sword swinging hordes. I can't even decide between 6 and 10, tbh. But I would like to have a huge miniature town one day. For some reason.

Well, thanks for looking,

4 Jan 2014

Meet the old couple!

 Hello guys,

I've finally taken time to show you the old couple I've painted a while back.
They are from Hasslefree miniatures and I've mounted them on 20mm slotta bases.

They are a bit smaller than usual figures, which is great. I am pretty sure at least the old man is supposed to be medieval, but as you can see, they are both very universal.

I have to say, while it took me long to get to them, I really enjoyed painting them. The poses are just spot on. I was painting a certain vampire while I was painting those, so I've decided to just go with it and gave them very pale skin colour. Let's just imagine they just saw a monstrosity of a sort.

Not much else to say about them, the old guy is kinda darkish and the old lady is very brightly dressed.

 Below is the usual scale shot and I am still upset that my mat varnish isn't all that mat.

In other news, my other blog is finally getting some shape (I've got marked locations of over 100 bunkers, all in a walking distance!), and I've managed to sell my 15mm FOW german army. I am actually just making some extra barbed wire for the buyer, so I'll take some shots and I'll show the whole army in another post.

Thanks for looking,