23 Sept 2015

Underfire Miniatures: 28mm East Germans team 2

Hello guys,

I am quite pleased that I have finally finished another team of East Germans from Underfire miniatures.
The photo is bad as usual, so some of them seem larger than the others, but they are actually pretty much of the same size.

From left to right there is a NCO (as you could guess!), a gung ho PK gunner (my favorite!), and two riflemen, one armed with a LAW.
 There is not much to add, apart from the pain that painting the camo gives me, they are quite pleasant, I really like the poses on those. There are 3 different helmet covers variations between the 8 figures, which is very welcoming.

In other news, my "work placement" ends by the end of the month and I will have more time to devote to hobby again - hopefully I will do so as well.

I have a long list of things I want to do, from playing a game (!); making more terrain which is why I have trouble starting to play; sculpting as I haven't held a putty in my hands for 4 months or so - which is when I bought a new stripe of GS that I haven't yet used!

I am still gathering courage to work on my technicals some more, which would also be welcome.

Well, this is it for now, I hope I'll post again soon enough!

Thanks for reading,