8 Jun 2015

Apache Longbow gunship

Hello guys,

Last week, I finished a Heroics and Ross 1/300 Apache Longbow. Not counting the assembly, it didn't take me long to get it painted as it only involved painting it greenish, washing it with black, painting it again, putting some black somewhere and some blue somewhere else.

I have to thank Clint again for picking one up for me - THANK YOU!

This model was my first foray into 1/300 and I did not enjoy it. The model came in several pieces and while there were no instructions added, the build was straight forward enough. The good thing was, it had a choice of 4x4 hellfire rockets or a 2x4 of the former and two canister of rockets. As the latter were a pain to attach, I went with the first choice. It also looks cooler.

Assembly was a pain. Nothing fit together, I tried making something work, but just too much work was needed to give it a nice round shapes where they had to be (for example, look just above the wheels. Do you see a large rectangle? You shouldn't.) I did forgot to attach the nose chain gun, so that's my fault, as well as breaking the tail wheel. That was a nice little detail.

Never mind the horrible photo background, I am ashamed. Another thing that I noticed is the symmetry - or the lack of it. Compare the engines below and trust me, it looks worse in real life from up close. But from a table distance, the aircraft looks just as great as it should. It also costs 2 pounds (compared to GHQ's 6,50!). It also shows that it's hand sculpted (I presume), which is always nice.

I put it on a random 25mm square base, nothing much to say about it. Attached it with a piece of wire.
It will be used to mark a presence of an air-support on the map, so having it nice and tiny is perfect.

Thanks for looking,