13 Dec 2016

WW1 project - update 3

Hi guys,

Another month, another update.

I was not as active as I'd hope as far as sculpting goes, but I made some jumps.

Firstly, I now have six initial dollies, with 3 more being sculpted that were not photographed.

You can see them below. A persistent tendency to make them smaller is rather obvious and it is something I just can not fix. I am not satisfied with them but rather than leaving them as they are, I will probably try to bulky them up eventually, so to at least get the proportions where I want them. It is not all bad, as I am quite satisfied with the puttees  on the last three. This is something I was unable to duplicate on the three I am working on now, so they will be a step back.
 Weapons are proceeding no better, I went to hunt for the just right thickness of wire and here, too I struggle as my rifles are too thin, too narrow and as far as the latest go - too short.
 The hopefully recognisable machine gun on top, however, is a different story. It needs some cleaning up before I go on to details, but so far I am quite satisfied. It took me a while to find a store that carries brass tubes and then some more to return the optimistically 4mm wide one for 2.5.

As proportions follow the tube, I was able to make it bulkier. It's a bit 'heroic', but I quite like  that and hope other equipment and miniatures will be able to follow.

In other news, my motivation for the project is slowly lower as the progress is slow, but I am just realising how better I feel now that I posted the progress and will hopefully be able to do so at least every other week.

Thanks for looking,