25 Dec 2015

Underfire miniatures: 28mm East Germans team 4

Hi guys,

I would like to wish everyone happy holidays, and  - assuming my posting trend continues - a happy new year, too.

In December, I painted up 4th team of East Germans, which is something like a command pack with assorted figures. It includes two leaders of some description (one even has a personal radio, which surprised me and made me wish there was a proper radio man, too!), another RPG and a sniper designated marksman. As you would expect, I am not quite satisfied with my paintjob, but all in all it isn't too bad.

I honestly tried making better photos, but it appears the more I try the worse they get.

I have 16 now that would make up two squads. That's more than enough to fill the tiny 3x4 table I game on.  I will mainly use them in my moderns campaign as the organised bad guys, assisted by the rebels I've been using so far. I got some ideas for the campaign in my head already, but I'll probably play a few random games until I'm satisfied with the rules and while I insist on keeping the games free of politics, I think some sort of background would still be in order.

Thanks for looking,

30 Nov 2015

Underfire miniatures: 28mm East Germans team 3

Hi guys,

I barely caught my November post (could you imagine I once had plans to post twice every week?) with another pack of Underfire miniatures East Germans. I had them on my paint table for about a month or so, sitting half done waiting for me to sit down and finish them. The camouflage is really a bugger and I think I am getting sloppier, but even with a bit of a drop in quality, the result is really worth it. I need to go invest in another tiny brush so next pack I do can be even better.

Without further ado, I present you team 3. It includes 3 East-German-AK guys and an RPG gunner, which I really missed in the earlier packs. For some reason, I really like backpacks on my guys and I plan on revisiting my RPG armed rebels and adding them some rocket packs.

I apologise for crappy photos, but at least they are no worse than usual. You can see they all carry their bags, including the RPG gunner! There are two things I miss with these packs, however. One is the RPG team assistant with extra rockets, the second more RPKs!

Here is a nice video I stumbled upon while searching NVA troops. It is just one part of many and it is about the breach. It shows you just how little things have changed from WW1 as they charge cross open ground, albeit with the tank support.

Thanks for looking,

24 Oct 2015

FUBAR Afghanistan test game

 Hello guys,

Last month or so, I found new set of free rules for modern games. Now, there are some great ideas in Breaking news, but I got lost in all my additions (that were never written down), plus they aren't quite finished, so they proved problematic often.

I decided to give FUBAR, one page rules, a try. I am using the Afghanistan supplement and I opted to use some of the alternate morale rules (just casualty chart for first game). As if this weren't enough, I also decided to play a scenario from their Afghanistan missions that includes civilians. Because...well, it sounds like it should be plenty fun!

FUBAR core rules, 4th edition
FUBAR alternate morale rules
FUBAR Afghanistan supplement
FUBAR Afghanistan missions

I decided to play the Stopping the IEDs - airlifted assault mission. Not that it sounds great because it's a helicopter assault (curb your enthusiasm, no helicopters will be on the table), but it's a great chance to show of my new houses.

As this is my first game, I used points guidelines from Afghanistan missions sheet. I opted for:
Two "type 2" squads, and I added a squad leader.
No EOD support can be called in, because this is an airlifted assault.

Four "tier 3" insurgents groups. Rules say group is 6 fighters with AKs, that get a RPG on a roll of 4. I also gave them a RPK on a roll of 4, meaning best armed groups have 4 AKs, a RPK and a RPG. This is what they got:

Group 1 5x AK, RPG
Group 2 5x AK, RPK
Group 3 5x AK, RPG
Group 4 5x AK, RPK

It turned out them and another AK, RPK and RPG are all the insurgents I have, which made me realise the East Germans I've been painting will have to represent a higher tier bad guys in eventual campaign.

This was deployment. You can see two SAF teams on the left, Rebel team by the grey building and another one having a rest at the hay rack. The rest are out patrolling and should return soon, surely they heard the Cougars bringing in the troops? As they are just local villagers, defending the factory, their cohesion distance is "touching". There are also 7 civilians standing around randomly, being annoying. Washers represent IEDs and were put in what I consider "fair" positions, on the roads leading inside the village, regardless of SAF position.

The barn is a store, inconspicuous small yellow-ish house is the factory.

Turn 1

Storming the village, team Ankaran moved in to secure the barn right away. Lacking UAV support, they were unable to identify rebels for combatants, but the rebels opened up right away to try and keep the SAF from the bomb store. They fire resulted in two SAF soldiers suppressed. A return fire from an UGL, Minimi and squad leader's rifle resulted in a rebel suppressed and one casualty (a RPK gunner, even!)

Seeing the action, team Bled rushed forward and opened fire on the rebel team hiding behind the wall. This time, I did not forget to count in the civilian (shooting 5" around it might get him killed, I forgot about him first time round, so I decided to ignore him).  As any role of 1 around civilian gets him killed, he died.

Receiving all that fire, rebel team in the firefight failed to do much but react to the attackers! Sounds of casualties must have scared the  other rebel team as well, as they decided not to react just yet. (Both failed activation tests)

Turn 2

Hay rack group activates and opens up with all they had and succeeds in suppressing two more soldiers and killing 2 civilians.

The weight of fire stops SAF assault in their tracks (they don't activate).

Turn 3

Team Ankaran is still being held by the fire, but team Bled surges forward. This time I remembered to use cover modifiers against rebels (SAF don't get cover modifiers because rebels hit on 6 as it is, I think I will use Breaking News' idea here that downgrades the rate of fire in cases like this. Just because rebels are bad at firing, it doesn't mean cover is useless all of the sudden). They score 3 hits and mop up with the Taliban team.

*At this point I realised I played it all wrong. Rebels can have 1 man suppressed, the rest all die outright. So I removed 1 that shouldn't be suppressed, leaving 3 rebels that were removed as a result of Bled's fire.

The defeat of one rebel team left the one at the hay rack paralysed, unable to perform. The two groups that were out on patrol, however, now returned to the village.

Turn 4

Only one rebel group activates, that moved on to the grey building, trying to prevent SAF from entering the bomb store. They were spotted by team Ankaran, but because only a suppressed rifleman saw them, they took no action.

Team Ankaran finally  recovered and moved in the barn. Target was confirmed and explosives were set. Objective completed.

Team Bled moved forward through the building and engaged rebel group hiding behind the hay rack, who returned fire. Bled scored 5 hits, one becoming a suppression, 4 are kills. This is too easy, I must be doing something wrong!

Turn 5

Rebels won the initiative and one of the groups moved in through the grey building and its members took the best advantage of the single window and an outside space they could. They fired at the team Ankaran, but scored no success.

Seeing their friends at hay rack in despair,  second rebel group sprinted to the hay rack, to take on the team Bled once they get a chance.

Team Ankaran repositioned slightly to get another man to fire and scored two hits on the rebel group hiding in grey house, killing one.

Team Bled failed to activate.

Turn 6

Team Ankaran moved up to the Rebels and engaged with hand grenades, erasing the rebel group quite literally.
Team Bled failed to activate again, as did both rebel teams.

Turn 7
Team Ankaran pushed forward once again and was met up with a fire from both rebel groups. Firefight with a larger group didn't go well for Slovenes, they ended suppressing one of the rebels and had 3 guys suppressed and a minimi gunner lost themselves. Fire from a rebel in the second group had no effect.

Team Bravo failed to activate.

Now one-man rebel group that started this fight at the hay rack fired at team Ankaran, scoring a hit, that was saved by a body armour. Whew!

Larger group didn't activate.

Turn 8

Small rebel group didn't activate.
Team Ankaran didn't activate.
Large rebel group activated and fired at helpless soldiers of team Ankaran (I was maximising the casualties here, because Ankaran was an easy pray, while Bled had all its members up and was on overwatch). The only hit they did put the Squad leader out of action, making him seriously injured (needs to be taken to off the table to the medevac).
My only hopes to ending this battle quickly,  activating team Bled, failed.

Turn 9

Large group activated again and unleashed another volley at team Ankaran, trying to destroy it before its members can return to fight. They scored one hit. The save failed, which means one of the suppressed members is now a casualty. Random roll decided it was Grenadier who is now badly injured and in the need of medevac.

Small group failed to activate again.

Against all odds, team Ankaran returned to fight and opened fire, scoring a hit and suppressing one of the rebels.

Team Bled still didn't activate.

Turn 10

Team Ankaran activates (I realised their roll is 3+, not 4+, so that's another mistake), fires and kills a rebel.

Team Bled finally activates and moves out in the open to end this dispute. They spotted an IED marker, which turned out to be false. Their grenades scored 7 hits, which means they were now the only survivors.

According to the victory points, assuming SAF blew up the second building after the battle, as there was no opposition, it came down to:

10 obj + 48 rebels - whatever a civilian would be worth, so we'll ignore those = 58

18 for 3 SAF members killed/badly injured

That's quite a victory for SAF and it does seem in line with what I've read about these engagements, so far, but I have done some mistakes. The system probably isn't bad, but I think I prefer some of the ideas in Breaking News (especially low ammo rules). I also think I would like to add something like an off table sniper support and bombardments, but as we were fighting on such short distances, the latter would not be used too often. What bothers me is that UGL, minimi and RPG all get +3 FP, compared to rifle's 2, but then again, that is 50% higher fire power. There is absolutely no difference between a RPK and a RPG, so perhaps I'd make RPGs ignore cover.

House roles ideas that I had during the game/deployment:

1. In AFG Supplement, there is a bonus for SUSAT optics (4x sight that Brits use). I only made one guy per squad (1/2 per team if you prefer) using it in a role of a designated marksman, so I opted to only give him the bonus.
Should you be interested, as everyone else, SAF figured marksman needs something heavier than a 5.56 rifle with a scope, so some of our units are now equipping their marksmen (that is not a sniper, we got those, too) with spare M76 sniper rifles (ie. Dragunov).

2. IEDs - For 3 teams that Taliban (so rebels in my games) have, they get an IED. Each has 3 markers (2 blanks, 1 real). If a marker is real, it will be decided by rolling 1-2 on a D6 (instead of picking one and not telling myself).

3. On guard/overwatch enables inactive teams to react to enemy fire and movement. I decided troops start on guard, as this would kind of make sense, the distances are short enough to imagine rebels expected the assault on the village.

4. I think advance casualties should work for both sides, as there is 1/3 chance of a light wound, which would give rebels some kind of a "save", they get none other way and are pretty much obliterated by the veteran infantry.

5. Talking about veteran infantry, SAF will be downgraded to "Seasoned" as we're assuming Evergreen campaign is their first  real FUBAR since 1991.

Thanks for looking,

7 Oct 2015

Building the Evergreen Fields

Hi guys,

I have a very clear idea of what I want to do with my moderns campaign in my head:

For reasons that don't matter, lets say a coup was made, a certain group started rebelling against the government forces and gained control of a large part of the island. I am not quite sure if I'd make a campaign map or something, not in the least because I couldn't do it, but the games I'd play would all be really small.

The idea is to play series of scenarios, that all look great in my head, but when I am about to play (or when I play) I keep finding my games lacking *something*. Apart from an opponent, I blame it on the terrain. So what I did in the past weeks was I've cut up my urban boards I never used (which also reminded me that it's my 3rd+ year in blogging and I still haven't gotten anywhere far!) and recycled them.

I decided to build more of the small houses as I built last time, again leaving the roofs to save my limited mojo, but still get a playable city. I cut up all the roads and got more stripes than I'd ever need.

After 3 and a half years, I also finally built a fence on top of my apartments block. In the upper right corner, you can see some stripes that are supposed to be terrain irregularities and/or ditches and a burnt car I wanted to build for years.

 As mentioned, houses follow the same pattern. I will add windows to them and probably plank them with coffee stirers from the inside. I could do this much!
 What couldn't be used elsewhere was torn apart and used for rubble bases. I'm not too happy with the pile two because they are too low in height, but once put together, they should add some value to the terrain as a whole. You can see a squad of Slovenes working their way through them.

Next step is adding the windows, doors and other details to the houses. After that, I need to wait for the weather to get better (it has been raining for most of the week now) to go out and put sand on them. Then it's all about painting them and I am all ready to go.

Just to keep a list of other ideas I had, I also need to work on:
- a check point
- IGLA anti-air rocket launchers to represent an AA strongpoint that would have to be neutralised to bring the air support in.
- technicals. I made no progress, but I'd really need some battle taxies for the rebels!
- Vegetation, my bane enemy. I have a lot of aquarium plants laying around and I just need to get on with it and use them.
- Find a way to make more trees, possibly with some leaves on them!

If you have any ideas, feel free to share them in the comments!

As usual, thanks for reading!


23 Sept 2015

Underfire Miniatures: 28mm East Germans team 2

Hello guys,

I am quite pleased that I have finally finished another team of East Germans from Underfire miniatures.
The photo is bad as usual, so some of them seem larger than the others, but they are actually pretty much of the same size.

From left to right there is a NCO (as you could guess!), a gung ho PK gunner (my favorite!), and two riflemen, one armed with a LAW.
 There is not much to add, apart from the pain that painting the camo gives me, they are quite pleasant, I really like the poses on those. There are 3 different helmet covers variations between the 8 figures, which is very welcoming.

In other news, my "work placement" ends by the end of the month and I will have more time to devote to hobby again - hopefully I will do so as well.

I have a long list of things I want to do, from playing a game (!); making more terrain which is why I have trouble starting to play; sculpting as I haven't held a putty in my hands for 4 months or so - which is when I bought a new stripe of GS that I haven't yet used!

I am still gathering courage to work on my technicals some more, which would also be welcome.

Well, this is it for now, I hope I'll post again soon enough!

Thanks for reading,

3 Aug 2015

Underfire miniatures: 28mm East Germans

Hello guys,

I have finally finished painting a pack of Under Fire Miniatures 28mm East Germans. These are one of the two packs that company does in 28mm, but they have a huge range of 20mm miniatures. They were sculpted by the same guy that sculpts Moderns for Empress, and quality hasn't suffered - they are absolutely fantastic.

Cold war is not something I was planning to dab into (as I opted for moderns instead), alas they were a gift so I was more than happy to paint them.  They will not be put away, however, as they will take the role of the Evergreen army in my moderns that was so far filled by my WWII US Marines conversions.

Being ignorant of Cold War Germans of either description, I had to do some research figuring out the equipment and camouflage. I am not too confident about my paint choices, but I think it should do well enough.

If I am not mistaken, they would fit in the late eighties, should anyone be interested.

 This pack gives you three guys armed with AKs and a guy armed with a RPK for a support. The barrel of the later actually broke in transit, but by simply sanding it a bit and gluing it back, the damange is not noticable at all. Other than that, they pretty much all sport same equipment, with ammo pouches of the RPK guy being a tad larger, which I think was a nice attention to detail.

As I mentioned they were sculpted by the same sculptor that made the US Infantry I am using for Slovenes, but as you can see below the Germans are just a tad bulkier:

Unrelated, below are some notes on the paints used, mainly for myself as a future reference:

I had trouble picking up paints (not to mention painting the pattern). The pattern is horrible, it really is. It is brown stripes on brownish-greenish-greyish-beige background. The pattern gets lost from 5 meters away, so the easiest way would be to just paint the uniforms in one solid colour...but where is the fun in that?

I decided to make the pattern obvious, as these are miniatures after all and for that, I went with lighter brown background, so that brown stripes can be made out.

I painted the uniform this way (because of what I had available):

German Beige Camo base
Green Brown wash, some black wash
Brown stripes

Brown violet for helmet netting and helmet straps.

Helmet  - German grey, highlited with German Grey +  Green Grey to lighten it up

Straps, gas mask bag, bedroll all in Green grey with some black

I finished it all of with a light drybrush of German Beige Camo mixed with some white.

I have to admit I miss the RPG in this pack, but it will be provided in one of the next packs  that are due to be released, so I can always put them in. With my Evergreen army now matching my Slovenes, I am running out of reasons not to play a game soon. I am setting up an idea for a scenario already, but I always find myself missing some more terrain, so hopefully this can be a project for this week - perhaps some waist high banks that could represent various ditches and act like a cover in the large open areas?

As usual, thanks for looking!


25 Jul 2015

Where are all the posts now?

Hi guys,

I finally managed to break a radio silence! When I started working on my blog I had a fantastic idea of blogging two times a week, which was then downscaled to realistic once per week and by now to an irregular posting that started to annoy me.

I have great ideas for games, but the problem is working them out. I need to work on terrain, which somehow doesn't appeal to me at the moment for various reasons. Apart from all the fantastic ideas I shouldn't get into (WW1, Fantasy to some extent, Medieval...), I would really like to carry on with my moderns campaign. By lowering my expectations a bit, it should be doable.

As the Zabadak Joe mentioned, I managed to escape lovely 30 degrees we had in Slovenia to visit England again this year (yay!), mainly to participate in the excavation of WW1 training site near Durham. I was a bit disappointed in English summer at first (especially on the day that we had 10 degrees!), but I wish I was there now that I have been roasting at 35-40 degrees back home for two weeks since I came back. We were excavating a large house that was offered to 18th Durham Light Infantry Battalion for training purposes. The house was eventually found too small to house all the soldiers, so additional huts were constructed on the premises and there were even practice trenches dug. We didn't manage to find the latter unfortunately, but excavating the remains of the house proved to be just as - if not more - interesting. I was working on a part of the house shot below, my "personal project" being the stairway to the cellar. The shots are from last day, so it is a bit hard to imagine, but the stairs were burried in rubble. Should you be interested, we found a lot of animal bone, nails and some pottery in the rubble. From the finds certainly belonging to the WW1 soldiers, we found a (!) part of the heel of a military boot (period). There was a lot of remains from Victorian era, however, so while it was not what I expected it to be, it was still a fantastic experience, but I do hope to get a chance to dig on a proper WW1 site in future.

 I am forced to  mention that I starred in a local newspaper article. Apparently everyone loves the idea of international cooperation and no matter how British I wish I act, the way I speak is always a bit of a give away!

As I was "in the area", I prolonged my stay to stay with Joe for a few days - Thanks again! I even managed to persuade him to take me to Scotland (yay!) and while I only just made it across the border, it is a step further up north from the last time I was there.

The real gem that day was a visit to Berwick, a lovely border town with very well preserved
renaissance city walls (and best fish and chips I ever had!).
 On our way back we stopped at the area of Dunstanburgh castle, mainly to hunt down the pillboxes in the area. As it turned out, the accurate maps and directions I had with me turned out to be...less helpful. We did find what we were looking for eventually, which is good. The bad thing, however, is that this is also the point where screen on my camera broke and from here on, my photos were all shot blindly.

 Some anti-tank cubes down below:

Later that week Joe's son put a game of Saga up for us. It was a game set in the age of Samurai, which had a nice feel to it and what Joe forgot to mention is he absolutely shattered me. Fear not, this is how most of my games end, so I barely noticed it!

I also managed to visit Vampifan Bryan, albeit just for a day and we played a few games Super Dungeon Explore. I have no photos unfortunately, but I can tell you - it's a great game!

Afterwards I went to Durham again, so here are some awful photos of that. While I did climb the tower and enjoyed the view, what I really liked was their LEGO cathedral. By paying a pound for a lego brick, visitors can help construct it, which is a fantastic way to fund yourself. The thing looks fantastic already, and it still has a long way to go!

I also go a chance to meet with Squeaky Pete again, my go-to man for military history chit chat!

I came back full of enthusiasm and ideas, but unfortunately also a week late to an internship I got just before I left, so I am spending a lot of time working, catching up, working on my article, working on my new research idea and while I am bragging - I was filming a short part about local pillboxes for national telly today. All this leaves little time for hobby, but I am working on something neat for my moderns and I can't wait to share it with you.

Should all go as planned, I hope to play at least one moderns scenario every month to slowly get my campaign going. I have the next one all planned out, as I have the idea of how I want my moderns to be played.

I also hope I can put a bit more time into reading other people's blogs now - I do apologise for the lack of attention lately!

Thanks for reading,

8 Jun 2015

Apache Longbow gunship

Hello guys,

Last week, I finished a Heroics and Ross 1/300 Apache Longbow. Not counting the assembly, it didn't take me long to get it painted as it only involved painting it greenish, washing it with black, painting it again, putting some black somewhere and some blue somewhere else.

I have to thank Clint again for picking one up for me - THANK YOU!

This model was my first foray into 1/300 and I did not enjoy it. The model came in several pieces and while there were no instructions added, the build was straight forward enough. The good thing was, it had a choice of 4x4 hellfire rockets or a 2x4 of the former and two canister of rockets. As the latter were a pain to attach, I went with the first choice. It also looks cooler.

Assembly was a pain. Nothing fit together, I tried making something work, but just too much work was needed to give it a nice round shapes where they had to be (for example, look just above the wheels. Do you see a large rectangle? You shouldn't.) I did forgot to attach the nose chain gun, so that's my fault, as well as breaking the tail wheel. That was a nice little detail.

Never mind the horrible photo background, I am ashamed. Another thing that I noticed is the symmetry - or the lack of it. Compare the engines below and trust me, it looks worse in real life from up close. But from a table distance, the aircraft looks just as great as it should. It also costs 2 pounds (compared to GHQ's 6,50!). It also shows that it's hand sculpted (I presume), which is always nice.

I put it on a random 25mm square base, nothing much to say about it. Attached it with a piece of wire.
It will be used to mark a presence of an air-support on the map, so having it nice and tiny is perfect.

Thanks for looking,

24 May 2015

East Street Games Survivor and Zombie

Hi guys,

I will skip the apologetic introduction and I will dive right in - Few weeks back I received a nice parcel from the good man Clint of  Anything but a one! fame. (Thanks again!)

Among other things he sent me were these two miniatures of a female survivor in a living and zombified form. They are from a newish company called East Street Games for their Zombie Apocalypse game called Bullets and Brains.

Unfortunately the page offers very little information at this point and I would wish to at least see the sculpts, but Clint has posted a lengthy AAR in his April posts...actually, just click Here and then check the newer posts for parts 2 and 3.

As far as the miniature goes, the sculpt is fantastic. I have an abundance of survivors with firearms, so seeing one with a melee weapon was a welcoming change. The survivor is not cluttered with the detail, but the jacket, for example, was nicely detailed, so it pains up nice and fast. This is just a personal preference, but I like it as it feels a lot like a gaming piece and doesn't give me nightmares when I am painting it.

I more or less copied the paints from the web page, but I went with Khaki shorts as and a hat as I felt the jacket was blue enough. I kept the same paints for both of them and the zombie was given the pale and purple treatment that I found I like the most for the zombies and undead in general.

 For zombie, things are more or less the same. It doesn't have the typical shambling stance I like, but it looks like it barely stands upright, so this is "zombie enough" for me. It is full of little details, little cuts, little gun shot wounds, I could swear I saw one eyeball dangling out and there are even some blisters. One of the legs shows some bone, so there was a lot of diversity on it. The only thing that struck me was the gun shot wound on the hat. Not that I mind it, as it looks good, but as we like to associate dead zombies with blown up heads, this makes it a Living Living Dead.

I apologise for bad photos, I blame it on the weather!

This is it for today, and I'll post again next week, if all goes as planned!


3 May 2015

Technicals - part 1

Hello guys,

Before I start, I have to apologise yet again for the lack of activity and for missing so many of your blog posts. I am working on something else at the moment and the days often pass so fast I completely forget about the hobby. I will try to do better in the following week and check on some of the things I've missed!

When I was in London in March I scored a good day in Poundland and bought three police pickups for a pound!

They are horrible, but at 33,334 pence a piece, they will be just fine. I was desperate for some to give my insurgents much needed vehicle support.
I have no plan as to how I want them to look (except one MIGHT be up armoured and both would probably have machine guns), so I will see how they turn out as they go. I do not want them armed with an AA guns as my games are all up close and personal and those mounts would need some kind of minimum range as the gun is mean to be firing in the skies.

First thing I needed done was clear the stickers and it was a real pain. I tried all sorts of things and glue residue wouldn't come off. In the end, I covered it in dirt and then used an eraser to help me clean it - that worked really well.

As they come without windows and I didn't want to go through the trouble of converting and painting drivers, I decided to make glass. It was a pretty easy work, measured by the eyes. I glued plasticard on with superglue and then I sealed it with an old greenstuff that I can't use for my miniatures anymore.

Don't hold your breath for the next step (I've built those 2 weeks ago and still nothing was added!), but in the mean time, feel free to suggest the weaponry. I was thinking giving them two machine guns of some sorts (One medium as I have a model and one heavy that I could sculpt), to make them even with my Hummvees, but some sort of cannon would also look good on them!

Thanks for looking,

19 Apr 2015

New terrain!

Hello guys,

Deciding I lack houses I could use in both urban and rural settings, I decided to build two smallish box houses that could fit in both SA and Modern setting.

They were recycled from my "urban terrain tiles" I built years ago for my zombie town and never really used all that much - I only had them for 3x3 and they started wrapping.

 The design is simple and meant for an easy and fast building. I used slightly larger bases so I could add a bit of a yard to each of them. They have no roofs as I found out roofs to be a lot of hassle for little gain. They aren't used during game, but they do look lovely at the beginning.

 One has a broken fence and the other one a laundry rope, other than that they are both pretty bland. I was aiming for even whiter colour with only a hint of yellow/blue, but I am quite satisfied with them as they are.

I decided against cutting holes for windows and doors as they aren't REALLY needed and as they don't have separate rooms, windows look weird (as they do on my older terrain).

Also, if the two are put together there is a lovely alley formed in between:

In other news, I started working on two technicals for rebels and I hope to play a game soon - I have so many soldiers painted now I'd love to use them some more!

Thanks for looking,