24 May 2015

East Street Games Survivor and Zombie

Hi guys,

I will skip the apologetic introduction and I will dive right in - Few weeks back I received a nice parcel from the good man Clint of  Anything but a one! fame. (Thanks again!)

Among other things he sent me were these two miniatures of a female survivor in a living and zombified form. They are from a newish company called East Street Games for their Zombie Apocalypse game called Bullets and Brains.

Unfortunately the page offers very little information at this point and I would wish to at least see the sculpts, but Clint has posted a lengthy AAR in his April posts...actually, just click Here and then check the newer posts for parts 2 and 3.

As far as the miniature goes, the sculpt is fantastic. I have an abundance of survivors with firearms, so seeing one with a melee weapon was a welcoming change. The survivor is not cluttered with the detail, but the jacket, for example, was nicely detailed, so it pains up nice and fast. This is just a personal preference, but I like it as it feels a lot like a gaming piece and doesn't give me nightmares when I am painting it.

I more or less copied the paints from the web page, but I went with Khaki shorts as and a hat as I felt the jacket was blue enough. I kept the same paints for both of them and the zombie was given the pale and purple treatment that I found I like the most for the zombies and undead in general.

 For zombie, things are more or less the same. It doesn't have the typical shambling stance I like, but it looks like it barely stands upright, so this is "zombie enough" for me. It is full of little details, little cuts, little gun shot wounds, I could swear I saw one eyeball dangling out and there are even some blisters. One of the legs shows some bone, so there was a lot of diversity on it. The only thing that struck me was the gun shot wound on the hat. Not that I mind it, as it looks good, but as we like to associate dead zombies with blown up heads, this makes it a Living Living Dead.

I apologise for bad photos, I blame it on the weather!

This is it for today, and I'll post again next week, if all goes as planned!


3 May 2015

Technicals - part 1

Hello guys,

Before I start, I have to apologise yet again for the lack of activity and for missing so many of your blog posts. I am working on something else at the moment and the days often pass so fast I completely forget about the hobby. I will try to do better in the following week and check on some of the things I've missed!

When I was in London in March I scored a good day in Poundland and bought three police pickups for a pound!

They are horrible, but at 33,334 pence a piece, they will be just fine. I was desperate for some to give my insurgents much needed vehicle support.
I have no plan as to how I want them to look (except one MIGHT be up armoured and both would probably have machine guns), so I will see how they turn out as they go. I do not want them armed with an AA guns as my games are all up close and personal and those mounts would need some kind of minimum range as the gun is mean to be firing in the skies.

First thing I needed done was clear the stickers and it was a real pain. I tried all sorts of things and glue residue wouldn't come off. In the end, I covered it in dirt and then used an eraser to help me clean it - that worked really well.

As they come without windows and I didn't want to go through the trouble of converting and painting drivers, I decided to make glass. It was a pretty easy work, measured by the eyes. I glued plasticard on with superglue and then I sealed it with an old greenstuff that I can't use for my miniatures anymore.

Don't hold your breath for the next step (I've built those 2 weeks ago and still nothing was added!), but in the mean time, feel free to suggest the weaponry. I was thinking giving them two machine guns of some sorts (One medium as I have a model and one heavy that I could sculpt), to make them even with my Hummvees, but some sort of cannon would also look good on them!

Thanks for looking,