1 Aug 2012

Meet the Formless thing!


before I start, I'd like to thank you for helping my blog reach amazing 5,000 PLUS hits! Really gives man a fuel to blog more!

I've painted my formless thing, the monster I was showing you last time. It still needs some static grass, but I will apply that later one day when I get more mixes and some tufts and more things to apply it too, it gets really messy and I like to do it as much as possible on single occasion :P.

I've painted it skin color for no particular reason, but that I was also just painting some WGF zombies and I couldn't decide on any better. I didn't want to go with black (black slime is what Lovecraft's shoggots and formless things are made of), because is way too used and I think I couldn't paint it as good. For the eyes, I went with very light blue, to get some contrast in. For same reason, I've painted one side of the tentacles with grey. I've made a little bit more details on the tentacle's underside, but that is hardly visible. I've painted monsters teeth in very unimaginable sandy colour and its tongue even worse - plain redish. I am really satisfied with how it all came out, paint makes it even better (yet it shows how bad I've blended putty especially around some of the eyes), but on the negative side, its way too small...as in low height. When I'll get around to make another one (well, everyone should make at least one, its sooo much fun), I'll make sure it is at least as high as human waist, preferably head, which could end up with pretty weird shapes - the weirder the merrier!  A good example would be Tengu models' Son of Yog-Sothoth, which has to be one of THE BEST miniatures around. I'll get that beast one day. To give you an idea of a size, its face is around as high as 28mm miniatures' face. Really a great sculpt.

So, back to my little blob, here are some random pics and one for size comparison with Grom (which, mind you, is on the smaller side of 28mm miniatures):

Hope you like what you've seen,



  1. That is very cool, nice job.

  2. I like the colours you've chosen its still a decent size in that last pic. If you do another obviously make it a bigger you could use this as a portal to another dimension that your Threshold agents are attempting to close

  3. Congrats on the 5000! :D

    I like how you have painted the formless thing. It turned out pretty awesome! :)

  4. Many thanks guys!

    I don't get you much Brummie, lol, sorry :D

  5. Congrats. I love that formless thing. It really has a certain something.

  6. 5k !!! WOOOHOOO! And still counting mate!!

    The blob looks pretty good, nasty little bugger to get close to!

  7. Thank you!

    I really enjoyed making it, its easy, fast and fun, above all! :)