2 May 2013

Meet the Degenerate!


yet another Mantic conversion, I present you degenerate. In game of Strange Aeons, it is represented with a quote from Robert E. Howard's Black stone. It is not called "degenerate" there, but it does represent a wild man, wearing goat furs and wolfs head as a mask. I figured it is an entertaining representation for a model, so I went with it. Honestly, any weirdo would fit the description.

At first, I wanted to sculpt my own from a scratch, this is how far I've came before my enthusiasm vanished and it sat on my desk since. After I did my ghosts from Mantic zombies, I've figured I could do a degenerate as well. Its rags were turned into a fur and I've sculpted a mask over its face.

I have painted it blue because I felt an urge to paint some body paints for a while now...I think I went quite over board with it on this one, but well, at least it pops out. The model holds a pine branch, as per story, if I got it right! :P

Thanks for looking,


  1. Nice job Mathyoo. Nice work on the sculpt maybe you'll finish it one day :D

    1. Thanks, and nah, I'll put it in the darkest corner for "one day", but probably never :P

  2. Good looking figure, the forward stooping pose gives it a lot of character.

  3. Thanks! Yes, I have to say I like Mantic zombie set more and more :D