7 Apr 2013

Meet a Poltergeist!

Poltergeist is last of the ghosts for Strange Aeons. This one is special as it can use kinesis to fling debris at its targets! Yet again, I've converted a Mantic zombie, this time to appear he is using his mind to interact with objects. I was thinking about adding a piece of debris but I couldn't think of a way to make it look good enough...perhaps a separate "fly" base to let me know the miniature can use Kinesis.

I might mention that here, you can see the reason I like to work with plastic miniatures...it holds great potential for conversions! This particular one was just cut a bit to make the position work and clad in putty to make the simplest robe you could think of!

Thanks for looking,


  1. Another great conversion mate. These set of spirits have all been totally brilliant and I really like them all. My personal favourite of the lot still has to be the Mojo though

  2. This is ace! Nice conversion and the paintjob is spot on. Mayyyybe do a bit of green on the base...To make it look as if it is glowing.

  3. Cheers guys!
    As for the too much green, I wasn't sure when to stop as I wanted for details (need to start sculpting those more obvious!) to show, but didn't want too much. then I was a bit worried about messing up too much, if I'd add a drybrush of white :P

  4. Nicely done dude. I can't think of a way of doing the debris either unless you was to use some translucent resin or something to use between the debris and the hand or something

  5. Great conversion Mathyoo, you've got quite the collection now.

  6. You're on a roll here, Mathyoo. Yet more spectral goodness and another fine conversion.

  7. Thanks guys!
    Brummie, I was thinking about placing separate base with some rocks on it to indicate the ability to throw debris, but then again I'm not sure it is needed.
    As for the collection, it is growing and I am looking forward to make sure I have at least 1 model for each profile...long way to go, but could be done!

  8. Another nice one. Really getting the most out of those plastic zombies.

    1. Thank you! I am actually just painting another conversion! :D