23 Apr 2013

Systema gaming MDF sci-fi urban terrain


Yes, I am back from a week visit to almost-scottish tea drinkers and another week in worldwide mixing bowl labeled London. This post, however has nothing to do with them.

Remember how I posted months ago about mdf terrain from 2 of the guys I know? Well, either one or both of them got a laser themselves now, and their very own page. I think the production has not yet actually started, but if you're interested, please do give contact them. Feel free to mention Mathyoo (yes, me) has sent you there. And that is just for my own sake, I have nothing from it!

Check them at: http://www.systemagaming.com/

Other than that, you can expect some pictures of the trip tomorrow or in a couple of days, I'm dead tired. Just to hint you, I did snap a lot at Salute and I was in something like 11 different PoundLands, PoundWords and 99p stores (latter being too cheap for me, I'm a snob! :D). Also, my bag was somewhere around 10 kilos heavier when I've came back, raid was successful!

I've also noticed I got some extra followers, hello guys! And I must say, I am really, really glad I've met everyone I did. Unfortunately I got no idea about who half of the guys were, or are, but I'll fix that next year! :D



  1. Glad to hear you arrived home safely and with a good haul.

    The systemagaming stuff is very good.

  2. Cheers Joe, don't know where to start with it! :D

  3. Hi Mathyoo. I shall look forward to the Salute Pics. Great to have met you and happy that you survived the Grim Northern barbarians!