26 Apr 2013

Abney Park Cemetery

IMPORTANT: There is something around 100 photos here, so give it time to load. I have deleted some, but those are all just so nice I had to keep most of them!


when I was in London I made sure I went to check out Abney park cemetery. It is an open park now, where people come to relax, walk a dog and basically do whatever you expect them to do in a park...with gravestones! (Horror music playing)

I also wanted to see the Highgate cemetery (a final resting place for well known and important people) and was searching for it. I did got instruction from a guy, but before I've found it, I've decided I will not go see. The reason was I figured I would have to wait some 2 hours or so for a tour to second part of cemetery (only accessible by tour, according to my 10 years old guide book (don't ask! :D)). Well, so I've decided Abney will do it.

Here are some shots of it for yours and mine inspiration when building spooky cemeteries for your horror games!

Thanks for looking and I hope someone found it useful,


  1. Lots of cool pics. There are some good cemetery's in the jewellery quarter of Birmingham. The catacombs of the founding fathers is quite interesting.


  2. Very creepy but beautiful too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Cheers for the link Brummie, will check it out!
    As for this one, it is quite cinematic indeed!

  4. Fantastic post! Thanks, I'll use that for my Strange Aeons terrain

    1. Cheers, I am looking forward to see what you will make!