20 Mar 2013

Meet the Swarms!


not much to say about swarms, they could appear in one of the scenarios in Strange Aeons, so I figured I'd make some. Swarms could be of anything you can think of, most often snakes, rats, scarabs (will do those once I move to Egyptian gaming), Black Cat bases even has little turtles :D. Talking of Egypt, not related at all, but when I was younger I looooved Ancient Egypt and everything related to it. The passion has since passed, but I will play that eventually for sure!

So, I wanted to make rat swarms myself, but figured it would take too much work for something that I won't be using too much. So, what I did was spend (mostly) excess putty that I had mixed, rolled it into little sausages and put it on the bases. Do that for a couple of months, paint them and voila - snake swarms! Now that I'm reading King in Yellow, I figured I'd be way more satisfied with swarms of white maggots...utterly disturbing! But hey, those are done, so I will leave maggots for another time.

They're painted in 4 different colors to give them some variety. Nothing special up close, decent on a table top!

Thanks for looking,


  1. They look good Mathyoo, and great recycling idea too!

  2. Oooo they are some nice looking gribblies mate, nice work

  3. Snakes have to be the easiest things to make out of modelling putty, not that I am detracting your sculpting skills. I think you've done a very good job on them. Mind you, Indiana Jones would not be impressed with them!

  4. Cool snakes! I remembering you mentioning them a while ago, the whole rolling up excess putty :)

  5. Thanks guys!

    Yeah, they are by far the easiest to make and eventually I quit bothering with their heads as well :P. That are those Carl, now I need another project to put excess putty on, and I've just remembered I wanted to do a swarm with a guy covered in maggots...saw it in bushido line or somewhere - awesome idea.

    1. http://www.bushido-thegame.com/catalog/rat-swarm

      That is the one. Would take much more work and swarms would look disproportionately (what a long word! :D) cooler compared to in-game price lol.

  6. Good looking swarms Mathyoo, simple and effective.