6 Mar 2013

Meet the reanimated!


in my last post I've shown you mister reanimator, today I represent you the reanimated. I was about to write zombie, but that word used so often on my blog, it wouldn't feel special enough!

Zombies for my zombie campaign use grey bases, so I figured I'd build special zombies for my Strange Aeons games. Now, mind you, I don't care much for how the bases look like, but as I got plenty of spare mantic zombies (not much to variation, when they're all clad in rags, right?), why wouldn't I make them SA specific? Well, any horror, but modern, genre specific. As I didn't want them to be  the same as my other zombies, except for the bases, I've used "linen" cloth that I won't be using on any other. I've also did some conversions and above all, painted their eyes. And glowing! (Sounds of people cheering)

 The conversions are minimal. First guy has now chopped arm (actually a very old conversions, about a year old now...time does go by fast!), but I've added some more hair to his head. In 1920's fashion! Second guy has nothing done and the third has a piece of cloth thrown over his shoulder. Nothing special, but it is something! They're all bloody as I do love smell of Tamiya's clear red in the morning!
My motivation still holds and I will continue to show my SA pictures, hopefully until I show all I got.  I will also continue converting Mantic zombies and have so far converted two for ghosts (more on that later, but lets just say that zombie reaching forward really looks like a ghost!) and I will put some armor on one of them to make an "ancient warrior". It does let me convert, which is one of the reasons I was attracted to this hobby, lets me use all those plastics diversely and saves me money - whats not to like?

I do wish to thank you once again for reading, but above all the support you're giving me trough comments. It is really motivational!

Oh, I've almost forgot, with the help of Brummie the instructor and Vampifan the warehouseman, I've been able to secure some nice deals for vehicles on E-bay! I'm a miser so I include postage in the consideration, but I've managed to get 8 vehicles for a bit more than a pound each! So, thanks a million! I will show them once I get them, so don't expect them before May :D


  1. Nicely done and you can still use them for everything that has zeds in! Nice glowing effect very nice suitably Strange Aeons.

  2. They're really zombie like, I think they are great.

  3. Good and creepy. I wonder if one could do the main re-animated character from the story, the Canadian Officer with his head in a box?

  4. They look great, Mathyoo. Simple conversions but effective.

    You'll be pleased to know that your warehouseman has your goods safely stowed away to await your collection.

  5. Arwwwww.... They are cute!

    Looking really good mate!

  6. Very nice reanimated. And good score on the vehicles.

  7. Thanks guys!

    Great idea Sean, I'll look into it if I ever come across suitable canadian miniature!
    And they are not supposed to be cute Johnny, you don't know anything about zombies? :P

  8. Really nice Mathyoo - great work! Is it diecast vehicles that you are getting? if so I have some that you might want to get from me at Salute. Send me a PM on the Living Lead Board with what you want and I'll see what I've got

  9. They look good Mathyoo and will make good zombies too; nice effect with the eyes.