3 Mar 2013

Meet the reanimator!

Or a Mad scientist, as he is called in a game of Strange Aeons. In Lovecraft's tales Herbert West, the reanimator is a medical student, working on dead bodies reanimation to find a way to an immortal life or something similar. As he and his friend are stealing bodies from the morgues and cemeteries, they run into quite some problems etc etc. Really nice tale and I suggest it to anyone interested in those kind of things. There are zombies involved, but no zombie hordes.

In game, mad scientist can inject a serum in zombies. The serum is unstable so you can get anything from no change, death of the subject, fast zombie or even a "blasphemous construct", a huge towering beast, full of brute force. Think dr. Hyde or even a Frankenstein. I will show zombies in my next post (just mantic zeds with bases painted for SA. I've decided for "specialized" zombies as I have so much of plastics laying around. Plus they work quite well for dead bodies wrapped in some linen rags).
I have tried sculpting my blasphemous construct, but he came out really small :P. So I've decided I'll pick one of the great miniatures you can get your hands on, Hasslefree, Fenris, Tengu and some others have suitable miniatures.

Miniature itself is from Black cat bases. I like how he is putting his gloves on, but apart from that, I would be more satisfied with a bit more cartooney evil doctor, holding a huge injection. It is one of the older miniatures, I presume, because the mold lines are quite horrible. You can probably see it on the face, looks like a scar...which isn't that bad after all! Other than that, he is nothing special, and as I was ordering from BCB anyways, he will fit in just fine. I think I should start building some more terrain, to get a rest from paining miniatures, on the other hand, I only got few more to finish my current SA collection!

Thanks for looking once again,


  1. nicely done you could always get the nurse with needle to go with him or theres a nurse in the LAM range that has a HUGE needle. Look forward to seeing your zeds, I'm now wondering which monstrosity your going to get for your games.

  2. What a cool character. Well painted.

  3. I just finished reading the Reanimator the other day. Nice figure. Hope to see a battle report with these guys. I've really got to get on my own Cthulhu Mythos project with Larger than Life.

  4. I have this movie..... Hehe

    Well done on the nice doctor

  5. Thanks guys! Will make sure I make a report out of any game where I use the doctor and his army of zeds!

  6. Good paint job Mathyoo, he looks good.