2 Nov 2012

The horror, jungle and some more


last few weeks I've been working on quite some projects. Today I'll show you my Dunwich horror sculpt (from H.P. Lovecraft's story of the same name), some jungle bits and such. In few days, I'll show you my Dunwich buildings I've been working on.

Dunwich horror

This spawn of Yog Sothoth is rougly egg shapped, bigger than barn, kind of centipede monster covered in tentacles and mouth. On top he has old Whateley's face.
This is my first attempt:

 Later I've figured his face could be upright...I don't know why I automatically thought it'd be shaped as an egg in laying position. So, because it was also way too low (see the scale picture), I've cut the face and repositioned it. This is where I am now:

 One day, when the mojo strikes, I'll slowly start reshaping his legs, one by one. Then I'll cover him in tentacles and some eyes and so on. I hope he will be joined by his twin brother and his mother, I already got hasslefree's old man to be his grandfather .P

I've also finally took the time to paint the sand bags I've made eons ago:

And I've put some plastic plants on my jungle terrain bases. It needs flocking, which I still got to buy, as I only got the "straw" color. I will flock them all at once then, as it produces quite a mess.

Lastly, I call my dimensional shambler done now. I will put some sand on his base and paint him now:

Thanks for looking,



  1. It's all looking good to me.

  2. Very nice indeed mate!

    Shambler is cool, now to paint him!

  3. Very cool looking beasts. Look forward to seeing these completed mate

  4. Thanks Clint, if its good for you it has to be good for me! :D

    Will do Johnny, thanks!

    Thanks Brummie :)