29 Nov 2012

Dunwich Horror sculpt finished?


I've been working on my Dunwich horror sculpt some more. I think I can say its finished, but I am not too satisfied with the little eyes on the sides of the "head". But well, I've decided I'll sculpt it all from air-drying clay so theres a limit to the details.

I had some clay extra already outside, so I made an overly common mistake and kept sculpting, At first I planned to drill holes and put wire in the tentacles, but then I've just rolled the putty and put it on the body. Now, one has already fallen off (which was expected, to be honest), and I was wondering...should I just cover whole sculpt in dilluted pva, then paint it, or just paint and varnish it, gluing anything that falls off when it does?

Thanks for help and hope you like it,


  1. Its coming along nicely. Hmmm don't know what to suggest. I think perhaps pinning the bits that have fallen off.

  2. Looking very good. You're not a bad sculptor.

  3. Thanks guys!

    I guess I'll just paint it and seal it with varnish. Hope that will hold it together strong enough!