20 May 2012

Shelldrake's PBB Mini me


I've been just whining and complaining for past two weeks and now I've decided it is time to get a grip and start putting things that belong here. So I present you my character for Shelldrake's PBB 2 game. I've started painting this fellow before I left and finished him yesterday. He is not as good as I'd want to, but well, not too bad either, concerning my skills.  Photos are much worse!

I've added two pictures of his front, none is really good. Ian, please tell me if they're too bad, I will take some more today or next weekend.

As for the miniature itself, I've decided for him to represent me as he is a bit shorter and kind of slim. His hair is awfully done, I just can't paint that. He carries G36C assault rifle, which will probably be my imaginary country's main firearms. Just need some eureka germans and more hasslefree, hehe. I've painted his buletproof vest in "olive drab" kind color, but I went with urban uniform. Main reason is, I wanted to get some contrast to him, all green wouldn't work good for me, neither would all black-white, as I will probably do my SWATs in greys, too. Don't like blue too much. So, if we go back to our man, he could be a reserve formations soldier, with limited uniform. This would justify woodland vest and urban uniform beneath it. He has full cammo pants (which I am very satisfied with, as I was somewhat scared to start it) and grey turtleneck, for cold days in urban enviroment. Its based on one color green turtlenecks we got at the army. It is not designed for use without full cammo shirt over it, but well, who has time to obey regulations once the dead walk the earth?

Painting him was a real joy. I love the fingerless gloves. I love the neck guard on the vest. Don't like the vest itslef much, but well, a man can't have everything! I will definitely buy a civil version of him, give him an axe and use him as me for my own zombie slaughtering campaign!

As for the campaign characteristic, he is conveniently armed the same way as the figure I picked from Shelldrake's list of choices. The only difference, thus, is, this one is really mine :P.

Here are the stats:

Grom (it is just an acronym from my first and last name - it means "thunder" or "thunderclap" in slovenian, I am bad to the bone! :D)
Guns 7 (30)
Fists 8 (21)
Guts 11 (18)

Badass zombie slayer (30)
Gunslinger (5)
I would follow him trough the gates of hell (15)
= 50

The char no. 4, my choice, was armed with an assault rifle, body armour and a pistol.So is this guy. If you're interested, he carries pistol on his left-side ribcage area. Because it all adds over 50 points limit, Grom counts as having:
A body armour (20)
An assault rifle (30)

= 50

I will jump in the game in June, after I come home so people wouldn't wait for me for no reason, and we will see how Shelldrake delivers me, once we get there!

I am glad my wargaming blog is wargaming blog again and will keep it that way

Blast! I've copied stats from forums and now its all weird. Sorry for that, seems I can't fix it -.-




  1. Looks great mate, Camo looks fantastic. Photos need more light I think.

  2. Beautiful job on that mini. Taking pics is even harder than painting.

  3. Hey Mathyoo, nothing wrong with your painting skills imo - he looks great - what figure is he ? (manufacturer etc ?)

  4. I have to agree with the others and say that he looks fine to me.

  5. @Brummie Thank you! Will work on photography...need to build that light box! :D
    @Joe Thanks!
    @Another Joe Thank you. He is from hasslefree, http://www.hfminis.co.uk/shop?product=zombie%252dhunter-kev-%28b%29~hfa056&category=miniatures~adventurers
    If you want him with hair, as mine is, you need to buy Mantic's (that does zombies and ghouls) "hasslefree zombie hunters case". You can get them from Mantic's website or Wayland games, as I did. Check: http://mathyoo28mm.blogspot.com/2012/05/mantic-hasslefree-adventurers-unboxing.html
    @Vamipfan Thank you! I must admit I've dropped an eye on your latest gangsters for a little help with the cammo patern!

  6. Thanks for the photo and the stats.

    I can use the photo as it is - the only way it could be better is to have the light on the figure coming from the front so as to get rid of the shadow on the side.

    But, if the shadow doesn't worry you I will use the photo (the first one) as supplied.

    As for how Grom will be inserted... hmmm I am thinking of this, and it depends on the situation on the map at the time.

  7. Nice work on this fello, looks good, I'm liking the camo pants.

  8. Keep it up Mathyoo. It's a damn good mini.

  9. Pretty damn nice!

    Well done!!

  10. @Shelldrake No problem. Will try to get a better photo!
    @Irqan Thank you sir!
    @Extraordinarii Thanks! I think they came out okay, too. I couldn't make myself try woodland pattern :P
    @Fred Thanks, will paint the rest in june, I hope!
    @Siwoc Thank you!